Talking point

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 June, 2006, 12:00am

Part A


You are Pineapple Pang. You work for a television programme called Meet A Star. People write in to be on the programme and meet their favourite star. You invite some to the studio and talk to them to see if they are suitable. You want the following information.

1. the identity of the star

2. the reason for wanting to meet the star

3. reason for selecting this person for the show

4. question for star

5. request from star

6. any further question

Part A Tips

Consider the situation

This time the speaker is not doing a favour to Onion,

the speaker made the first approach.

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I am Pineapple Pang. I work on the programme Meet A Star. If you want to be on the show, I need to ask you a few questions first.

Usually the words you need to use are much simpler than the hints.

In this situation it is not clear you will meet the star, so you may want to use would for some questions:

identity means a who question

reason means a why question

gift and request are nouns and mean what questions

try to ask for useful information

Part B


Four candidates sit in a group ready for a discussion. The topic is always related to the role play. Candidates read the topic, think about it for one minute (no writing allowed) and then talk for five minutes. Everyone must try to contribute equally.

You and your friends are talking about a dream party. What five people would you invite to your dream party?

You may want to talk about:

international or local people

sports, music, film stars

politicians, scientists, business people

anything else you think important

Part B Tips

Hold your discussion

Starting - try to do more than repeat the question.

Sound as if you are interested.

Wow, I hope this dream party comes true. I think we should invite five local superstars. What do you think?

Content ideas

Would it be more exciting to have foreign stars who do not usually come to Hong Kong? Or would you prefer local people with lots in common? Do you want NBA stars from the States or big names from Hollywood? Perhaps some members of Japanese bands? Or perhaps two guests from overseas and three from home?

Just talk about your favourite entertainment celebrities; try to use their English names.

These might be less fun, but perhaps you would like some investment advice from Li Ka-shing or have a quiet chat with Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen? Bill Gates may even offer you a job if you impress him!

Perhaps you could end this discussion with a vote.


You do not need to come to a conclusion so just keep the discussion moving along not too fast and not too slow. Remember to show your knowledge of different types of language: make statements, give opinions, agree, disagree, ask questions, offer reasons, sum up and so on.

The first part stresses accuracy so pay attention to grammar. The discussion focuses more on fluency so make sure you say plenty and behave naturally. Pronunciation is important for both. The words must sound like English! And practice definitely helps with oral exams as you gain in confidence from getting used to the situation.

Answers (Part A)

1. Who do you want to meet?/ Who is your favorite star?

2. Why do you want to meet this star?

3. Why should we choose/select you?

4. What question would you ask the star?/ What question do you want to ask the star?

5. What would you ask the star to do?/ What request do you have for the star?/ What do you want to ask the star for?

6. How old are you?/ What do you do?/ Are you a student?/

Do your parents know you are here?