Man 'sneaked over border to kill'

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 June, 2006, 12:00am

A man crossed into the mainland then slipped back across the border to kill a co-worker, a court heard yesterday.

Yan Panyue, 27, has pleaded not guilty in the Court of First Instance to murdering 41-year-old Tse Yiu-yuen on the morning of October 6, 2003.

It is alleged the defendant shot Tse, a co-worker at the roast meat restaurant of Yan's uncle, in the back of the head as he was leaving a public toilet in Sheung Shui.

The court heard Tse habitually used that toilet every morning on his way to Shek Wu Hui Market.

It is alleged that while Tse was in one of the cubicles, Yan walked in and waited for him at the urinal. He had a shoulder bag containing a loaded pistol.

As Tse was leaving, Yan drew the gun and fired twice. The first bullet missed but the second hit Tse in the head.

The court heard the bullet entered the rear of his skull and exited the lower forehead, killing Tse instantly. It was alleged Yan then left the toilet and rode off on a bicycle.

He was allegedly seen by several people, one of whom was able to identify him later at an identity parade. The witness had been in her fifth-floor flat when her attention was drawn to the street by the sound of the shots. She allegedly looked down and saw Yan riding away.

Immigration records show Yan left Hong Kong the night before the killing. But the prosecution claims that once on the mainland, he sneaked back across the border to commit the crime then slipped out again. He officially re-entered Hong Kong on October 10.

No motive for the killing has been suggested and in, several police interviews, Yan stood by his contention that he was on the mainland at the time of the murder.

The trial continues on Monday before Mr Justice Pang Kin-kee.