PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 June, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 25 June, 2006, 12:00am

Name: David Madlener

Age: 16

Country/ City: Austria, Feldkirch

Name of school: Bundesgymnasium Feldkirch

Star sign: Scorpio

I'm quite a funny person and try to be happy as often as I can. I'm very playful and even a little childish. Sometimes, I get angry easily.

The city I live in is very small. It has only 30,000 people and is quite old. We have a lot of forests nearby. It's great to grow up there because there is always something to do outdoors.

If you want to see city life in Austria, then you should go to the capital, Vienna. But if you want to see mountains and countryside, then you should go to western Austria, where I live.

I like Austria because I'm free to make decisions about my life and the things I want to accomplish. But there are also some things I don't like, for example, that everything is expensive.

Feldkirch is quite cold in winter and most of the time we have snow from the end of December until March.

In May, the weather gets warmer and in July we sometimes top 30 degrees Celsius. When autumn starts, it rains a lot and starts to get cold again.

I attend a public school where I study maths, German, French, English, biology, physics, geography, computer science, physical education, art, ethics and music.

I'm currently an exchange student of AFS Intercultural Exchanges.

Teenagers in Austria are more open and less academically orientated than Hong Kong teens. We don't have to deal with so many rules, we go out more often and don't spend so much time on our studies.

In my spare time, I like to catch up with my friends. I also enjoy reading. My favourites are adventure and fiction books. I also like to listen to pop songs and music from the 1980s. Sometimes, I play computer games. My favourite is an online role-playing game called World of Warcraft.

My favourite sports are volleyball and beach volleyball because I can play regularly with my friends. We have a lot of fun and get some exercise.

I go to France almost every year because we have a lot of family friends there. We like going to the seaside because Austria is a land-locked country so we don't have any beaches.

I come from a family of four but my parents split up and no longer live together. I'm very close to my parents and I like the way they raised me. I used to fight a lot with my older brother when I was small but now we are quite good friends. He is 20.

I have to help my parents with the housework. Sometimes I do the cooking because, as my parents are separated, they need more help. I often make salad, do the washing up or hang up clothes to dry.

Christmas is the most important festival in Austria. I usually celebrate Christmas Eve with my family, my aunt and my grandmother. We have dinner together and afterwards we give presents to each other.

I don't have any future plan at the moment. All I want is to pass my A-Levels!

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