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PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 July, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 30 May, 2016, 2:05pm

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A Sai Kung resident recently found that several operators have moved their fish farms to join existing ones next to Ma Nam Wat village, in front of the public Trio Beach.

She said water quality has rapidly deteriorated because of the new farms. At the same time, some farm operators seem to have gone into the sailing rental business. 'You can see that a yacht is anchored off one of the fish farms and several speedboats that they use to rent out at weekends,' she wrote.

'The fish farms should be moved from their current location and away from the village and beach altogether.

'The current location of the fish farm is unsuitable as its activities pollute the waters off the village and the public beach.

'Children from the village and on the beach swim in the water, yet the water is becoming more and more polluted with the garbage from these fish farms.

She said she would like to see some of the farms relocated, or at least, to see their spread stop.

The Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department said its officers would look into the complaint and strengthen their patrol and enforcement duties to ensure all licensees of Ma Nam Wat abide by the requirements of fish farming laws and licensing conditions.

'Follow-up actions would be taken if contraventions - such as improper disposal of refuse, not engaging in any fish culture activities, and using the raft as a dwelling place - are identified,' a department spokesman said.

However, he said the village's fish culture zone is currently underused.

'With an over 90 per cent drop in fish farm areas over the years, Ma Nam Wat FCZ is one of the most thinned-out zones,' he said.

'Using the available space of this zone to accommodate a few fish farms from other FCZs to facilitate their development and reduce the raft density in other zones would be beneficial to the industry as a whole.

On the contrary, leaving the vacant space of one zone idle and not using it to improve the culture conditions of other zones is considered not a desirable option for the best interests of the marine fish farming industry.'

In January 2006, the department allowed five licensees to move their existing farms to Ma Nam Wat fish zone.

The spokesman said the total licensed area of the zone increased to 3,300 square metres, but still a fraction of the more than 35,000 square metres allowed.

Most readers send complaints to this column, but some also offer compliments when they are due, like the following three letters, praising a taxi driver, fire services and members of the police force.

Nana Black of Pokfulam wrote: 'I inadvertently left home on the morning of June 16 without realising that my wallet was not in my handbag and only became aware of this when alighting from a taxi in Central.

'To the kind-hearted taxi driver (registration number CY5554) who picked me up in Pokfulam, took me to Central and was so understanding as to let me off without paying - a huge thank you! Not all taxi drivers would have been so understanding.

If the driver would like to get in touch with me, I'll be more than happy to settle the fare.'

Reader Jeannine Paterson wrote to commend the services of police and firefighters in helping to retrieve a cat caught up a tree in Lantau early on June 7.

'I would very much like to publish a very big vote of thanks to members of the South Lantau police and especially the fire brigade for their generous and unstinting help in recovering a cat from the top of a tree in the playground area in front of Silver Plaza,' she wrote.

'The cat was being transported to the SPCA in Mui Wo for treatment when he escaped from his container, became extremely frightened and headed for the tree tops.

Sustained efforts by the rescuers finally retrieved the cat, much to the relief and thanks of the ever-grateful owner.

'Community spirit is alive and well.'

Another reader wrote: 'I would like to say a very special thank you to the policeman bearing the registration number 51407.

'I was stuck with a flat tyre near the Academy for Performing Arts when my car had a flat tyre.

'I was waiting for my son to come and help. The policeman drove up just after my son came and offered to help change the tyre.

'My son thanked him and said he would be able to do this.

'He mentioned that my son had no gloves and he would be more than happy to take over the job.

'Next he went to his motorcycle and brought out a pair of gloves and gave them to my son.

'His manner was so polite and with a smile he diverted the traffic.

'Just a big thank you, 51407.'