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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 09 July, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 09 July, 2006, 12:00am

I am looking for a small silver accessory featuring a teddy bear covered with stones. It is attached to a silver string and the woman I saw wearing one had it clipped to her jeans, which looked extremely cool. Please tell me how much it costs and where to get it.

Too Much To Bear, Beacon Hill

The Dictator rules: Let's get one thing straight: nothing about this is remotely cool. Well, maybe if you're three. One of those little-princess children's shops might have what you want. The market stalls that sell trashy fake-crystal delights may also be able to help. But I'm not setting foot in either. If you must venture down this path, go the whole way. Jeweller Qeelin (shop 2059, IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2389 8863; www.qeelin.com) has diverged from its minimalist Wulu and Tien motifs, and created Bobo the panda bear. The pendant comes in three sizes and is made in white gold with black enamel or with white and black diamonds ($9,800 to $110,000). It's worth visiting the store if only to receive the Amelie-style promotional pack of postcards starring Bobo at Paris tourist sites. Too bad he doesn't have fingers with which to make the V sign in every photo.

I'm wondering where I can find flat espadrilles. I've looked everywhere but all I've found are the high-heel versions. Help!

Roped In, Taikoo Shing

The Dictator: Well, any fashion magazine from the 1980s would have them. And then, of course, France, which invented them, or Spain, which perfected them, would be a good bet. Espadrilles were traditionally made from a flat, rope sole with canvas on top. Unfortunately for you, it's all about the espadrille wedge these days.

We could have used a pair of the comfortable flats when we went espadrille hunting at Lane Crawford, Harvey Nichols, Seibu, Joyce, On Pedder, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Millie's, Le Saunda and the various cheap shoe shops around town, all to no avail. The only styles that came close were tie-on 'ballerina espadrilles' by Christian Louboutin ($2,300; On Pedder, Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street, Central, tel: 2118 3489) and the cheaper interpretations at Zara ($319; shop 1065, IFC Mall, tel: 2234 7305). Oh, and one retailer had a frumpy kind that looks like something your grandmother would wear on a canasta cruise, but let's not go there. Otherwise, go online. Espadrille specialist www.espadrillesetc.com delivers internationally, as does the more cutting-edge www.thestringrepublic.com, designed by graphic artist Sockho (Stephane Bucco).

I'm sure I saw Devi Kroell python bags in Hong Kong and now I can't find them. What's the deal?

Once Bitten, Stubbs Road

The Dictator: The deal? Money talks, Once Bitten, and I guess they weren't selling. You might have seen some fakes (naughty). To buy the real thing, not currently sold in Hong Kong, go to www.devikroell.com. A fashion press favourite who recently won Swarovski's Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, the young designer was first noticed for her python hobo bags. They are available in three sizes and various finishes, and cost from $17,700 to $22,450 through the website, which delivers to Hong Kong. The site also sells Devi Kroell bags in other styles and materials, as well as shoes. Next time, smarty pants, tell me exactly what you're looking for so I can offer alternative suggestions.