PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 July, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 10 July, 2006, 12:00am

The annual speech day took place at Marymount Secondary School on June 2. Mr Justice Patrick Chan Siu-oi, permanent judge of the Hong Kong SAR Court of Final Appeal, was the guest-of-honour.

In her opening address, principal Veronica Ma congratulated the staff and students of the school for their many achievements during the year.

She congratulated them on the many initiatives to enrich learning, such as Life-wide Learning Day and MSS Book Day, and their very successful participation in activities such as the speech, music and drama festivals, inter-school sporting competitions and community service.

Ms Ma also said many students had broadened their horizons by taking part in trips overseas . These were for cultural exchange, or to represent the school in various events.

In addition to obtaining excellent results in HKCEE and A-Level exams, students received an all-round education and all students were given opportunities to challenge themselves .

Mr Justice Chan gave an inspiring speech, noting the increasing number of young women in higher education. He said that as the majority of undergraduates at top Hong Kong universities were now women, students could look forward to a working world where more and more senior positions in business and government would be filled by women.

Therefore, as future leaders of society, Marymount graduates should be prepared for the opportunities and responsibilities that such a world would present.

David Johncock, NET

Marymount Secondary School

Our 39th speech day was held on 9 June. It was a day which meant a lot to parents, teachers and graduates.

For parents and teachers, it was a time for relief and emotions. For graduates, it was a milestone in their learning process.

We were honoured to have an alumni member, Ng Kwok-kwan, senior engineer from the Highway Department, as guest speaker.

Mr Ng gave an inspiring speech with a lot of practical advice on enhancing interpersonal skills.

He also told us that perseverance, determination and faith are the keys for success because these can keep us going when we face unpleasant things

in our life.

Apart from the presentations, the most memorable moments came when our graduates expressed their gratitude to the teachers by singing touching songs. Every word triggered happy memories of the graduates' time at school.

The ceremony ended with the singing of the school hymn. We hope that our graduates can always remember the school motto - hope and salvation. It reminds us to be a hopeful person and help others in the way that we were helped.

Matthew Yau, Form 6A

Choi Hung Estate Catholic Secondary School