Notable mentions

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 July, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 21 July, 2006, 12:00am

e.Energy Lighting's

T & K Lighting Management System

This practical invention has higher energy conversion efficiency of electronic ballasts and reduces energy consumption (right).

Interactive System & Technologies' Plasma Disinfection Fan Coil Unit and Germicidal Air Purifier

The plasma disinfection mechanism (below) uses energised electrons and ions to kill airborne micro-organisms. Filter life is longer and more energy efficient, and the disinfection level can be adjusted.

Japan Ecotech's Luminosity Enhancement Jacket Luminaire

It uses 60 per cent less electricity than conventional high-intensity discharge lamps for the same level of brightness thanks to the patented reflective nano-reflector. It also weighs 50 per cent less than other HID models and can last 10 years (below).

Laputa Eco-Construction Material's Eco-Glass Block

Wastes glass replaces river sand in the production mix so it takes less water to make (above).

LTK Industries' Halogen Free High Definition Multimedia Interface Cable

This cable combines video and multichannel audio cable so fewer materials are used in production (left).

PolyU Technology & Consultancy's Low Profile Low Cost High Efficiency Power Supplies

This new power supply design (above) improves efficiency in power supply from 70 per cent for conventional designs to 90 per cent, and reduces power drawn from the mains by 22 per cent.

Strongly International's Green Panel

This is a low-maintenance metal panel for pretreated plants to grow in certified organic fertiliser and natural soil. It has a built-in automatic irrigation system that minimises water usage (right).

Synergy Engineering Solutions'

Energy Recovery Heat Pipe

This maintenance-free energy recovery system (above) for central air conditioning uses transferred energy between cool exhaust air and hot incoming air for energy recovery. It uses 75 per cent less power and can be used to dehumidify.