PUBLISHED : Saturday, 29 July, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 07 May, 2015, 1:03pm

Welcome to this year's Summer Holiday Quiz, in which we test who's the real car expert in your family. Answers are upside-down at the bottom left-hand side of this page. Start your brain cells ...

1 Lots of models helped to launch this car (below) in July last year. Name the marque (one point) and the car (one point). If you were the bloke in the hat, you get a bonus point.

2 French President Jacques Chirac drives to Parisian Bastille Day ceremonies in which car (below)? Name the marque (one point) and the model (one point).

3 Here (below) is a Koenigsegg CCR at Cyberport. How many seconds does it take to reach 100km/h (one point), and in which country was it built (one point)?

4 Name this exhibit (below) at the Frankfurt Motor Show (one point), and the country in which it was built (one point). For a bonus point: What does the CD on the number plate stand for?

5 Name the make (one point) and the model (one point) of this entry (below) in the East African Safari Classic rally.

6 This was awarded Japan's Car of the Year last November. Name the make (one point) and the model (one point). For a bonus point: What was named Import Car of the Year Japan?

7 Racing driver Mathew Marsh tested this car for us (top of next column) in Miami. Name the make (one point) and model (one point).

8 This (below) is probably one of the worst - but most loved - cars in the world. Name the make (one point) and its nationality (one point).

9 This (below) won the Classic Car Club of Hong Kong's 2005 Concours d'Elegance. Name the make (one point), the model (one point) and (for a smartypants bonus point) year of manufacture.

10 Here (below) is a classic a long way from home. Name the make (one point) and the model (one point) and, for bonus points, the year of manufacture (one point) and the country in which it's being driven (point).


22+Magnificent. You're a motoring Anorak. Foot Down would like to shake your hand, particularly if you were one of the models in Question 1, or recognised those trees outside Oodnadatta in Question 10.

18-21 Expert. A voracious, life-long reader of car information and probably a mechanic, you know your bodies and engines and have probably tuned a few yourself. Possibly a part-time concourse judge, you get excited when you drive past the car showrooms on Gloucester Road, and you go to the Shangri-La car park or Beas River Country Club on Sundays just to look at the motors. Friends remind themselves not to mention cars at dinner parties, or you'll hold forth on the symphonic hiss of SU carburettors. When you go to motor shows, you look at the cars instead of the promo girls.

14-17 Excellent. A genuine car-lover, you can talk fluent automotive with anyone at motor shows and concourses, and you're still willing to learn more.

10-13 Good. You know enough about cars to negotiate hard in any showroom along Gloucester Road.

Six-nine Average. You can't be expected to remember useless car trivia in a city where time is money, but you're a trier and we hope you'll answer the questions again when you've seen the answers below.

Five or under Appalling. Thank you for looking at the pictures.

1 Mercedes-Benz M-Class; 2 Citroen C6; 3 3.2 seconds. You get a point for a margin of half a second. It was made in Sweden - at a factory in a former airforce facility near Angelholm, in the south; 4 Geely CD, made in Ningbo, China. CD stands for China Dragon; 5 Ford Escort RS; 6 Mazda MX-5 Roadster. Bonus point: BMW 3-Series; 7 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder; 8 Trabant of Germany. If you ever had one, you get a bonus point; 9 Ferrari 288 GTO, made in 1985; 10 Chevrolet roadster, made in 1928 (score half a point for a margin within two years), competing in the Outback Australian Challenge near Oodnadatta, South Australia. If you recognised that spot near Oodnatta, give yourself a bonus point.