Organic Elements (OE) skin care

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 August, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 August, 2006, 12:00am

What is it?

An Italian skincare brand founded in 2002 by an established beauty group called Royal Effem Research and Development Laboratories, which started in 1947 as one of Italy's first nail-varnish makers.

OE combines organic ingredients with active substances, and has just launched its body line in Hong Kong. The company says products aren't tested on animals and are made with the likes of extracts of cornflower, birch, mallow, calendula, olive tree leaf, almond oil and grape leaf, as well as D-Panthenol for moisturising and stimulation of skin cells, vitamin A for antioxidant effect and alphahydroxy fruit acids.

What's the plug?

OE international beauty trainer Patricia Vella says that, although it's not 100 per cent organic, the quality of the organic plants used and the aromas of the products make it different.

Vella says she often asks clients to smell a number of essential oils, then - based on which they like - is able to discern their state of mind. 'It's not just to benefit the skin, but also choosing the smell that will give us that feeling of well-being,' she says. 'The organic plant is strong enough to survive without chemicals or pesticides. It's better to have products that nourish.'

Vella says that women now want more active ingredients, not just for their face, but for their whole body. She says she always believed that stylish women would buy organic products if they were more luxurious - and that's the idea behind OE.

What about the products?

They're not scented with overpowering chemicals, but they have a light fragrance and Vella says a drop of essential oil can be added to the body creams. The 2-Phase Dry Aromatic Oil ($500/125ml) has a faint aroma of coconut oil, making it a refreshing, summer body moisturiser, and it's easy to apply. The Shaping Cream ($600/250ml) is intended to improve skin tone and is said to firm as well. It's one of OE's best sellers. There's also Anti-Gravity Bust Serum ($800/10mlx6) and Body Rubbing Salt ($600/250g).

Where can I buy it?

OE body products are available at all SaSa stores.