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PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 August, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 August, 2006, 12:00am

Mothers should not give up their jobs

I am writing in response to the suggestion that mothers should not take up full-time jobs and that they should stay home and take care of their children.

This is not the best way to prevent children from behaving badly or committing crime.

Even if mothers do not work, there's no guarantee that children will behave well.

Parents' love and care are vital if children are to grow up as law-abiding citizens. Spending less time with children does not mean not taking good care of them.

A survey has revealed that children of working mothers are more likely to commit crime and have behavioural problems than those from low-income families. According to the findings, families with working mothers are wealthier but the survey does not show which parent earns more.

If a woman who gets a much bigger salary than her husband leaves her job, the family could face financial difficulties.

Some parents hire private tutors for their children, which costs a lot of money.

Children from well-off families can attend a wide range of extra-curricular activities. This helps to broaden their horizons and develop their social skills.

Without extra money, children have less chance to get an all-round education.

Working parents can have quality time with their children during meals, and especially over the weekend.

I believe working mothers should think twice before giving up their full-time jobs.

Jun Cheung

Kit Sam Lam Bing Yim Secondary School

Science or arts

Form Four is a crucial year because students have to choose science or arts stream.

One of my friends likes arts, but her parent forced her to choose science.

If I were her, I would have chosen my favourite subjects.

If you choose a stream you don't like, you will have less interest in your studies and be unhappy.

You could end up getting poor results, which could affect your future.

Don't follow your parents' wishes blindly - be independent and choose your own path.

Chan Ho-ting

TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College

Troubled by not doing one's best

Although my class won a handball competition, I was not happy. This is because I had not done my best.

I was the keeper and it is a very important position.

But I let in a few goals. I'm quite disappointed with my performance.

I must attribute the success to my classmates who played superbly.

Andy Chan Chun-tat

Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School

Beware of summer job traps

Many students are looking for summer jobs to earn some money. But they should be aware of job traps that could ruin their holiday.

If a company says you have to buy products to sell them to people, pay money before

you start work or take indecent photographs, you should not take the job. You should also go to interviews with a friend or relative.

They should not sign any documents or provide confidential personal information to strangers.

If you want to find a part-time job, you can also check out www.jobs.gov.hk

Chan Yuen-ying

Our Lady of the Rosary College

This is not the right time for GST

The government is exploring the possibility of introducing a goods and services tax (GST).

This is not the right time to impose such a tax.

Although our economy is improving, it is still unstable. A lot of people are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living.

If the government introduces a GST, it will increase people's financial burden.

Although Financial Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen has promised to help the poor, this is not enough.

Also, a sales tax would affect consumer confidence. If people went shopping on the mainland, the government's income would fall.

There would be a lot of trouble if such a tax was implemented. It's not worth the price we would have to pay.

Chan Ying-yu

Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Kwai Chung)

Father's great, too

Many children love their mum more than their dad. There are many Chinese songs that praise mothers and place them as the most important figure in a family.

When I was young, my mum looked after me, and my dad came home late from work. When I was in primary school I celebrated Mother's Day, but not Father's Day.

Now I am a secondary school student and I've realised that my dad has been supporting me all this time. We should love our dad as much as our mum.

Juson Tong