Enjoy the creative process of reading

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 August, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 August, 2006, 12:00am

Some people say that reading is boring. But if they read books related to their interests, for example, travel or sports, they wouldn't be bored. Reading would become a habit.

We can benefit a lot from reading. Reading a fascinating story not only reduces stress, but also improves language skills, such as reading speed, comprehension and vocabulary.

Reading will broaden your horizons and teach you about other cultures. You might not learn these things at school.

Borrow a book now and expand your knowledge.


Methodist College

What a wonderful letter in praise of books, thank you Nick.

I recently set up a Book Club with some friends. Each month we read a book and then meet up to discuss it. Reading is a solitary activity, so it's good to get together and discuss a book.

As you read a novel, you paint a picture in your mind of the characters. It's interesting how different everyone's interpretation of the characters can be - even though you are all reading the same book. I think that's one of best things about books: the actual process of reading is creative.

If you've read a good book, please write a review (250 words) and send it to me for our books page. Thanks.

Kate, Editor