Opportunities are yours if you stay positive

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 August, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 August, 2006, 12:00am

There are many opportunities in life, but we may not be able to make use of all of them.

We should be proactive and create as many opportunities as possible.

We also need to upgrade our skills and enhance our knowledge if we want to succeed.

People should be prepared to face difficulties and grab every opportunity that comes their way.

We should do everything possible so that we can lead a wonderful life.

So don't waste your time. Take action.


STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Thanks for your letter, Pik-man. An opportunity is only an opportunity if you recognise it as one. If you go through life with your head in the sand, never looking out for anything new, you will never even see your opportunities. But they are there, that's for sure. Everything depends on your outlook in life.

If you go through life expecting bad things to happen, then that's what you will get. Of course, there may be good things too, but you won't see those because you are only looking out for the bad. Likewise, if you expect good things to happen, then they will.

And the wonderful thing about an optimistic outlook is that it snowballs - so one good thing leads to another!

Kate, Editor