Where would you like to go on an exchange trip?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 31 August, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 31 August, 2006, 12:00am


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Name: Amanda Lee Ching-yin

Age: 15

Top Tunes: Denise Ho's songs

I want to visit South Africa. I like lions and it would be great to go on a safari. I also like to interact with people from different ethnic backgrounds and know more about the Africans' way of life. Africa is not as advanced as Hong Kong, so I can lead a simple lifestyle and learn more about the local culture.

Name: Ho Luk-yee

Age: 14

Top Tunes: Black Eyed Peas' songs

Since I am a soccer fan, my choice is the United Kingdom. I watch English Premier League games on TV here, so I will be able to go to some matches in the UK. My favourite team is Arsenal and my top soccer star is Thierry Henry. I also love the spacious surroundings in Britain.

Name: Anthony Lam-Marsden

Age: 11

Top Tunes: Hip hop and rap music

My favourite destination is California, where there are many tourist attractions. I like going to theme parks, such as Disneyland. I hope to visit a zoo and see lions and other animals. The weather in California is warm and sunny. I love sunshine and water sports. I would go for a swim and play on the beaches there. Also, schools in the US give less homework to students.

Name: Lau Wing-sing

Age: 15

Top Tunes: Taiwan pop songs

I want to study in the UK. I can improve my English and the learning environment there is much better than in Hong Kong. I like history so I want to learn more about the country's ancient buildings and their architecture. I have an allergy and sneeze a lot in the morning, so the fresh air in Britain will help improve my health.

Name: Edmond Tong

Age: 18

Top Tunes: Beatles' songs

I would like to go to the UK, which has a better social system than Hong Kong. UK students get a more comprehensive education and the environment there is much better. I think I would have better prospects in Britain.