Gaston Caba

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 10 September, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 September, 2006, 12:00am

Designer and illustrator

Clothes: 'I wear one brand - a Buenos Aires designer called Uroz. It's the only one that fits right. It's hard to get good clothes in Argentina. I used to dress all in black when I was 21, but now I wear more colour.'

Jeans: 'I don't wear jeans any more. I like soft trousers.'

Shoes: 'I've been wearing Converse [trainers] a lot lately. I also like those shoes - I forget what the brand is - that are a cross between dress shoes and trainers. I have them in black; they are very comfortable and elegant.'

Favourite possession: 'Recently, I found a Charlie Brown comic book from 1968. It's very uncommon - Snoopy wasn't even Snoopy yet, he was just a normal dog!'

Childhood toy: 'A big Goofy [figure] in a car.'

Movie: Happiness of the Katakuris by Takashi Miike. 'It's about a family who open their home to tourists and everyone who enters the house dies for a different reason. It's a musical - very funny and very strange.'

Holiday destination: 'I usually go to Patagonia to see my family. But I would really like to visit Greece and Lisbon [Portugal].'

Food: 'A tuna sandwich with ginger on farm bread.'

Never leave home without: 'A sense of humour.'