Talk to Her

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 September, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 September, 2006, 12:00am

Talk to Her

City Contemporary Dance Company

Studio SE VEN

Reviewed: September 10

Talk to Her is part of the Dancers Homework II creative workshop series and, with the exception of guest Thomas Leung, is the work of all-female dancers and choreographers.

Janet Chang opened the programme with When J Meets T??? - the only light piece in an otherwise serious show. Qiao Yang's I Dance What I Feel, for instance, is a powerful and personal tribute to her eldest sister who died earlier this year.

'I would like to dedicate this dance to my sister,' she writes in the programme notes, 'and hope to let go of all the sadness, as I know she will always live in my heart'.

And yet, anger rather than sadness seemed to permeate the work. In the first part, I Say What I Feel, Qiao struggled to break free from a wooden chair. But the harder she tried, the faster she was stuck to it. Perhaps it was Qiao who was refusing to let go.

In the second part, I Dance What I Feel, Qiao danced a duet with a red coat, which she finally put on. Having finally made peace with herself, Qiao (above) waved goodbye to the ghost of her sister.

The Passage of Time by Makie Okabe was poetically feminine. Joann Chou, Noel Pong and Okabe danced to seductive music as they lit and blew out candles. Their femininity was accentuated by silk dresses, soft lighting and sensuous, yet fluent movements. Okabe's choreography flowed like liquid, as dancers glided seamlessly from trio to duo to solos, before converging again.

The final piece, A Walk on The Cloud, is by Pong, who is known for her playful choreography (as evidenced by her Rainy Days and Mondays ... an earlier Dancers Homework piece). Here she was joined by Chang, Chou, Okabe and Yang Yizi, all dressed in white frilly dresses, looking for love and lost innocence in a comic-book playground.