Now a tunnel Autopass convert

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 20 December, 1993, 12:00am

HAVING previously been a sceptic of the Autopass system, indeed the South China Morning Post published a letter from me on the subject in July 1992, I feel that as I am now a user it is only appropriate to come to the defence of the system that does indeedsave me a great deal of waiting time.

The primary benefit of Autopass for the tunnels in Hong Kong, is that for those with the tag, we are able to travel through dedicated lanes at both the Cross Harbour and Aberdeen Tunnels without having to wait, in sometimes very long queues. The pity of it is that there are not more lanes open at the Cross Harbour Tunnel especially, but it has been made clear that this is a function of the numbers of subscribers for tunnel tags. So why are not more motorists, especially those that use the tunnel regularly, not investing in the Autopass? Perhaps because of Hong Kong people's long held scepticism for things that are new and cost extra. If I use the two tunnels say 50 times a month, the monthly fee of $20 works out at less than 40 cents a trip. If this enables me to save five minutes on each journey I think this is money well spent.

So please, Hong Kong people, stop complaining about the Autopass, try it or buy it, it does work, and will be even better if more people participate.