The Hot Bods 'are real Coy Boys'

PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 December, 1993, 12:00am

THE complaint by a reader about the latest show at Judgment AD led to Keeping Posted discovering an interesting oversight in the law.

''Call themselves the Hot Bods . . . they were more like the Coy Boys,'' our caller told us, adding that she felt a little cheated about spending $250 on watching the latest raunchy mostly-male dance troupe in town.

''We liked the fast-release trousers with Velcro zips, but no sooner had they taken them off than the lights dimmed and they grabbed some towels to cover themselves,'' said our contact.

''Surely they could have done something a little more . . . visible.'' The Hong Kong-based stage manager of the Californian Hot Bods, who wanted only to be known as Marilyn, thought not.

''They were quite daring enough,' she said. ''For them to expose anything further would be quite against the law; I think the women are asking a bit too much.'' So we called the chaps down at the Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority. They told us there were no hard and fast rules on how much public male nudity is allowed in Hong Kong clubs.

It's rather like a single naughty frame in a comic book, which, after a High Court ruling, cannot be seen as an obscene article in itself.

''We have to take it case by case, and look at nudity in the context of the whole performance,'' said TELA's assistant commissioner for entertainment, Ng Hon-wah.

We called a friend from England to find out what the rules are over there. ''They use the Mull of Kintyre rule,'' he said mysteriously, adding that the map of western Scotland would explain all.