'Parents can sue' the makers of faulty toys

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 26 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 26 December, 1993, 12:00am

PARENTS should lodge complaints with the Consumer Council and could sue manufacturers if toys among their children's Christmas presents were found to fall short of established safety standards.

Council spokesman Simon Ho said: ''What they can do is to come to the Consumer Council. They can sue [manufacturers] if the products are found to be substandard.'' The council has drawn up a list of toys that do not meet safety standards, but the Sunday Morning Post has found some of these are still being sold in shops.

The list included certain makes of babies' rattles, drums, stuffed soft toys and toy cars. These have been branded dangerous for young children because small parts either fall off easily or are made from brittle plastic which can cut.

Small parts on miniature toy cars which come off easily can be swallowed, while metal cymbals on a tambourine are sharp and may cut.

Warnings about these toys were published in the council's Choice magazine in July.

But a check by the Sunday Morning Post last week showed these and other faulty toys were still available in shops in districts such as Mongkok and Wan Chai.

Mr Ho said there was a smaller number of these dangerous toys around now because new legislation subjected all toys to safety tests.

Each toy has to meet one of three standards: the International Voluntary Toy Safety Standard, the American standard ASTM or the European Community standard.

Under the Toys and Children's Products Safety Bill, the Customs and Excise Department bans dangerous products.