The madness of Jack's shining

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 December, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 December, 1993, 12:00am

THERE is not a whole lot happening on the tube tonight, but if you are determined to stay at home for the evening then Pearl will be showing one of Jack Nicholson's most disturbing performances in The Shining (9.30pm. Original Running Time 114 mins).

This thriller based on the Stephen King novel sees Nicholson portraying a former teacher who decides to take a job as a hotel caretaker in the snow capped mountains of Colorado in which he and his family will be isolated for the winter.

His son possesses a rare psychic ability and the hotel has a history of strange happenings which of course lead the harmonious family into a series of rather chilling events.

Produced, directed and co-scripted by Stanley Kubrick, his trademark use of shocking still and slow motion camera shots are peppered through the movie.

Shelley Duvall, Scatman Crothers and a young Danny Lloyd co-star. ON the current affairs front, tonight's edition of Hong Kong Connection (Pearl, 6.55 pm) will take a look at the role former Chief Secretary for Hong Kong Sir David Ford had during his stay in the territory and his recent departure.

RTHK's reporter Clara Choi looks back at Sir David's seven-year term of office and speaks exclusively with him about his experiences with Hong Kong's turbulent political history and his hard-line dealing with political agendas.

Sir David, who served during the administrations of Sir David Wilson and Chris Patten, became the last expatriate Chief Secretary after the appointment of Anson Chan.

Sir David speaks of his role in leading 186,000 civil servants through the more bumpy moments of local politics and of the frequent criticisms made against his alleged arrogance. FINALLY, we can do away with our airsick bags as a new show has been graciously placed into the time-slot recently held by the nauseating Australian soap, The Henderson Kids, by ATV's gracious programmers (God bless them).

Currently a bit of a hot sitcom in the US at the moment, Babes (World, 6.30pm), comes to our screens and follows the laugh-a-minute antics of three rather robust sisters, Charlene, Darlene and Marlene, and their lives and loves in the big city.

In this first episode the latter siblings have just gate-crashed into Charlene's apartment for support after the woes of life have become too unbearable - leaving the more independent sister to help them out of their pitfalls and to find them new jobs.

All these and other riotous situations evolve in this very funny comedy series which stars Wendie Jo Sperber, Susan Peretz and Lesley Boone.

ON the documentary front, World will be running a rather intriguing piece of film on the lifestyle of the small and prickly in Priddy the Hedgehog (10.30pm).

This special from the BBC, follows a pet hedgehog over a period of 10 months and seems like a rather corny feature on paper. But on screen, the dangers and pitfalls come to shocking life as poor old Priddy nearly becomes a gourmet meal for an adder (no not the silly black one), has a terrible fall down a cattle-grid and is nearly pancaked by a passing car.

You would never think life for a hedgehog could ever be so tough but as Priddy and producer John King show, this is the easy part of the mammal's life and times.

The great camera work seems effortless and the neat narration keeps us all informed so tune in if you think life is tough, this may change your mind.