Mind Maps

PUBLISHED : Monday, 11 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 11 December, 2006, 12:00am

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A lot of people find mind maps - connected bubbles - useful when organising notes or thoughts. Drawing them is an excellent way to show you are understanding and extracting organised information as you read. There is no particular secret to them; just read carefully and think clearly about the categories you are using (the example will make them clear) and how to keep your answers parallel. If one bubble says quick, the others should also have adjectives.

A During the celebrations of the King of Thailand's 60 years on the throne, thousands of Thais wore yellow T-shirts. They did this because the king was born on Monday so yellow is his colour. Some Thais simply choose their clothes for the day on the basis of the appropriate colour. You wake up on Friday morning and slip on a blue shirt and tie and off you go to work (perhaps not so easy on Thursday - an orange shirt?). This system of daily colours can be seen all over the place once you have noticed. Buddha statues are sold in sets of seven colours and advertising promotions often follow the pattern - for example, a shop might give out different colour stickers every day with a gift for anyone collecting a whole set; so every one rushes to the shop on Tuesday for a pink sticker, Wednesday for a green one and so on. I think I was born on a Saturday so my colour is violet. The last colour, if you are wondering, is red.

The writer tells us different days have different colours. Complete the notes from the information given. One has been done as an example for you.

B Depending on your religious background, you may or may not be aware that many countries, careers and activities have patron saints. Have you seen English football fans waving the red cross of St George, their country's patron? Some religious people wear a small image of St Christopher around their neck when they are travelling as he is in charge of that. Teachers when they are having a difficult time in the classroom may turn to St Gregory in the hope that he will help as he oversees teaching. St Matthew we read was a tax collector before he met Jesus so he takes care of accountancy. St Jerome was always reading in his library so you can guess what group of workers he looks after. St Luke is often shown as a painter and in consequence artists may pray for inspiration from him. As you fly through the snow on your skies, spare a thought for St Bernard.

The writer tells us different saints look after different groups of people. Complete the notes from the information given. Parts have been done as an example.

C Hong Kong loves the bauhinia; it's our territory tree and I suppose flower. The states of the USA go in for lots of state trees, animals, flowers, fish, foods and so on. It must make setting quizzes easy. What's New York's state tree? (You can guess the fruit...Yes, it begins with a...) It's the sugar maple. (Canada, please note). Georgia goes for the oak, and Kentucky for the tulip poplar. I must say Kentucky's choices are a bit more original that New York's - the rose is a bit obvious, isn't it? Certainly the blackberry and goldenrod are a bit more unusual. Georgia goes for the rose too. I suppose it is a lovely flower and those Georgia peaches sound really juicy!

The writer tells us different states have different symbols. Complete the notes from the information given. A bit is done as an example.

1. Look at the examples and decide what the categories are.

2. Remember you are looking for parallel information.

3. Return to the passage and look carefully through it for the data you need.

4. Ensure your answers are all the same part of speech.

5. Copy spellings carefully.


A. Christopher/Travellers; Gregory/Teachers; Jerome/Librarians; Luke/Artists, painters; Bernard/Skiers

B. Sunday/Red; Monday/Yellow; Tuesday/pink; Wednesday/Green; Thursday/Orange; Friday/Blue; Saturday/Violet

C. New York/Sugar maple, apple, rose; Kentucky/Tulip poplar, blackberry, goldenrod; Georgia/Oak, peach, rose