PUBLISHED : Friday, 15 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 15 December, 2006, 12:00am

Question 1


You are on a bus. There are two English tourists sitting in front of you talking about the MTR. Listen to what they say and then fill in the gap in each sentence with the correct word from the list. There are more words than you will need in the list.

According to the couple on the bus

1. The MTR in Hong Kong is ........ than the Tube in London.

2. There is always a lot of ........... in London Tube trains.

3. MTR tickets are ........ than Tube tickets.

4. The glass barriers at the edge of MTR platforms are a good idea for ...... reasons.

5. People in Hong Kong get on the MTR in a much more ......... way than travellers using the Tube.

6. It is a good idea that ................ are not allowed in the MTR.

7. MTR .......... are much bigger than their equivalent in London.

8. The MTR does not have as many ..... as the Tube in London.

List of words: cheaper, smoking, eating and drinking, litter, cleaner, tickets, lines, orderly, safety, stations

Question 2

Where to shop

A man and a woman are discussing shopping on a lifestyle programme on HKYP Radio. Listen to what they have to say then answer the questions. Tick (v) the correct answer.

1. How many times a week does the woman go food-shopping?



more than twice

four times

2. The man thinks shopping at a market is ......

a waste of space

a waste of money

a waste of time

a waste of energy

3. What does the woman hate about supermarkets?

the customers

queuing at the checkouts

the crowds

the lack of choice

4. How does the man pay for his purchases at the supermarket?

by cash

by check

by travellers cheques

by credit card

5. The man says the low prices at a supermarket are because .....

things are poor quality

there is a limited choice

supermarkets make no profit

supermarket buy things in big quantities

6. The woman thinks things are ............. at a local market.





7. The woman says that supermarket packaging .....

is good for the environment

is expensive

is bad for the environment

is a good idea

8. The man says he will .......... shop in a market.





Question 3

Leo and Lily have been to the cinema to see Miami Vice. What did they like and dislike about the film?

good / bad / no opinion

1. the overall film

2. the script

3. the soundtrack

4. the director

5. the photography

6. the acting of the male stars

7. the costumes

8. Gong Li

9. the chase scenes

10. the ending


Page 9: Question 1: cleaner / litter / cheaper / often / orderly / eating and drinking / stations / lines; Question 2: more than twice / a waste of time / queuing at the checkouts / by credit