Talking a good games

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 17 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 17 December, 2006, 12:00am

'A sponsor? What's a sponsor? We don't have such a thing. We have mum and dad and they buy us a pair of shorts if we are lucky'

Men's cycling points race silver medallist Vladimir Tuychiev of Uzbekistan, on sponsorship

'I just want to go home and celebrate there. I have a wife and a one-year-old baby boy. I want to go home to him and say 'Oh, I won the gold medal' and I want to put it around my son's neck'

South Korea's gold medallist Kim Dae-young in the men's 470 class in sailing.

'I'm dealing with a cultural barrier. They have repetitive drills and memorised plays. To be honest, they have even memorised how to lose to Japan'

China's American softball coach Michael Bastian after they lost 3-0 to Japan.

'Hurdles, hurdles, reduce your height so I can jump over them smoothly'

China's men's 110 metres world gold medallist Liu Xiang on what he says to himself before the start of the race.

'I have only ever won a bronze medal before. When I heard my national anthem, I imagined all those who felt each punch of mine alongside me'

Uzbekistan's Bahodirjon Sultonov, gold medallist in the featherweight 57kg category.

'I just love the sea, the excitement. And I'm not afraid of drowning'

Qatar's Waleed al-Sharshani, silver medallist in the laser 4.7 class, on why he chose sailing.

'I don't need it because I work in the office. I use my brain to work'

Hong Kong's Angie Tsang, a policewoman, on whether wushu came in handy for her job.

'My opponent was afraid of my punches and kicks, so I kept on giving it to him'

Pakistan's men's sanshou competitor Maratab Ali after winning his quarter-final against a Thai opponent.

'Wearing conservative clothes has encouraged me. Wearing a veil proves that Muslim women face no obstacles and encourages them to participate in sport'

Bahrain's 200m gold medallist Ruqaya al-Ghasara on wearing the hijab.

'I learned to play Chinese chess and then changed to boxing. They are totally different. You need to use your brain more often in Chinese chess'

Chinese boxer Hiu Qing.

'Well, the loser should be quiet. There's really nothing to say'

South Korean Jeoung Young-hwa after losing in the men's 9-ball pool semi-final.

'Pay my mortgage'

Taiwan's Liu Shin-mei on what she planned to do with her gold medal after winning the women's 9-ball pool singles.

'I had a very bad game today. I had all my pieces in the wrong places'

Kazakhstan chess player Murtas Kazhgaleyev after losing.

'We are going to stay a few more days in the Athletes' Village and then I'm going to return to China and have a decent meal'

Women's doubles gold medallist in badminton Huang Sui.

'Horses are like babies. Sometimes they're angry and sometimes they're happy. But unfortunately they can't talk'

Bahrain's Mohamed Husain after his elimination in show jumping when his horse refused to jump.

'I wanted to be like Arnold Schwarznegger'

Thai bodybuilder Charoenrith Sitthi.

'I'm at a loss to motivate my players. Today I'm all clad in black, black jacket, black pants, black shirt. It's a sign of mourning. Maybe that will inspire them'

British grandmaster Nigel Short who was coaching the Iranian chess team.

'My abs are the best, but my face could be better'

Iranian bodybuilder Saman Sarabi.

'Originally we named our daughter 'champion' because we hoped she would excel in whatever sport she was to choose. We later adapted it to make it sound more Indian'

Lata Koneru, mother of Indian chess player Humpy Koneru.

'The first goal was not my mistake. It was number four (a teammate). He sucked'

Uzbekistan's waterpolo goalkeeper Nikita Manakov.