Take a break and de-stress with exercise

PUBLISHED : Monday, 18 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 18 December, 2006, 12:00am

Hong Kong's fast-paced lifestyle puts pressure on people. They are worried about their jobs, studies or finances.

As a student, I feel that examinations are a major source of stress. We do a lot of past papers and attend tutorials to prepare for public examinations. In addition, we have a lot of homework and revision.

People face different kinds of problems - some have no jobs while others, like cleaners and security guards, earn low wages.

We should try to relieve our pressure by doing exercise during our spare time.

This will help us enjoy a comfortable life.


Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School Thanks for your letter, Hiu-man. Hong Kong is known for its fast-paced city living, so it's important to be able to switch off and give yourself time to recharge your batteries. But relaxing doesn't have to mean sitting on the sofa, or lying in bed. In fact, many of us live lives that are far too sedentary - either studying all day or hunched over a computer.

I agree with you, Hiu-man, that exercise is a great stress-buster - it's what I do to relieve the pressures that can build up over the week. A good run around a soccer pitch or brisk walk can be just the thing to free our body of the tension that stress creates. And when we're de-stressed, we're not only happier, we think more clearly, too.

Kate, Editor