A sharing, caring festive season for all

PUBLISHED : Friday, 22 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 22 December, 2006, 12:00am

Just three days to go and it will be Christmas. No more shopping, studies, exams - nothing but computer games, food, chocolate, good movies, fun, family and friends.

But one last reminder about Operation Santa Claus, the annual charity campaign co-organised by the South China Morning Post and RTHK. This year's 27 charities represent Hongkongers and some children on the mainland who, for medical or other reasons, need help and understanding from the community.

Children featured in this year's reports include Emily Kwong Ka-yan, 17.

Emily has had epilepsy seizures since primary school and has to take strong drugs to control her condition.

She's a happy person, but easily gets tired and sometimes cannot attend school. She also finds classmates don't understand what epilepsy is and think she is mentally slow.

'In a previous school I had very bad experiences,' she

said. 'I was treated like an abnormal person by the teachers. Sometimes it was really depressing.'

But then Emily and her family met Anchor Hung Tak-fung, a manager and social worker with the Community Rehabilitation Network of the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. Through Operation Santa Claus, Ms Hung hopes to help young people with epilepsy develop their self-

esteem. She also hopes to educate people about what epilepsy is and what to do if they come across someone having a seizure.

Ms Hung said a website will be set up for teenagers to share information and experience.

Young people contributing to the community this week included students from St Paul's College on Bonham Road.

They organised an English Fun Day, from which they expect to raise HK$6,000 for Operation Santa Claus through selling food, pencil cases and other items.

The boys also took part in

fun games to test their English skills. Those who did well were given stickers and souvenirs to celebrate the school's 155th anniversary.

Thanks to all the students and schools for taking part this year and also to young volunteers who gave their time and knowledge.

Merry Christmas and have a fantastic, sharing, caring 2007!