New year resolutions

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 28 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 28 December, 2006, 12:00am

It's time to wave 2006 goodbye and say 'Wassup!' to the new year. As we begin anew with the new 007 - the year two-007 that is - it's worthwhile to take stock of the new start and set some goals for ourselves. As motivation, we asked around for New Year resolutions and here is what some of our favourite high profile personalities hope to achieve in the new calendar.

Ankie Beilke


'I really want to get my certificate this year as a yoga teacher, because yoga makes me happy and helps me stay grounded. I would also love to get more acting work, especially in Hong Kong. I enjoy it and love working with different people. Lastly, I'd like to perhaps open up my own spa, but that might not happen until the year after.'

Lo Kai-yin

jewellery designer and author'Sit on fewer advisory committees. Instead of reading minutes and documents, I want to read the pile of books that I am always 'about to start'. I also want to focus on a plan for my fifth book and rearrange my lecture focus to be less academic, more suited for the layman.'

Nury Vittachi


?Nury?s top 10 resolutions for 2007:

1. To remember to chew carefully before inhaling Hong Kong air.

2. To pole-vault across the harbour.

3. To stop laughing hysterically every time I say the phrase ?universal suffrage?.

4. To urge Hong Kong TV channels to raise their batting average to one watchable programme per year.

5. To campaign for the death penalty for telephone junkcallers.

6. Not be surprised when Donald Tsang Yam-kuen wins the chief executive ?election?.

7. Never eat anything I cannot lift.

8. Learn to dance so I can charge students HK$120 million each for lessons.

9. Start a Hong Kong branch of the Communist Party.

10. Feed a shark?s fin restaurateur to a shark.?

Louise Kou

Kou Concept boutique founder

?To finally get some leisure time to do my version of 91⁄2 weeks maybe in a desert somewhere. Interpret that any way you like. But I just generally look forward to time off to have a great time.?

Karim Azar

Assistant general manager of retail leasing, IFC Mall

?I have three resolutions:

1. Find a wife;

2. Start a fitness regime so I can partner with that magician, David Blaine, for his next incredible feat

? hopefully at IFC and;

3. Stay ahead of the game because in my business this is the only way to stay in business!?