Frozen family fun

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 31 December, 2006, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 31 December, 2006, 12:00am

In the perpetually ice-covered Antarctic, emperor penguins spend their lives together in one big community, spending their time fishing and singing. Each penguin has a heart song, a song that attracts love and transforms into an egg.

Two penguins, Norma Jean and Memphis, have a baby penguin called Mumble. Since birth, Mumble has known he is different to the other penguins. Firstly, he is an atrocious singer. And secondly, he is a tap-dancing genius.

Unfortunately, penguins aren't supposed to tap dance, and a penguin without a heart song is hardly considered a penguin.

Rejected by everyone except his mum and his best friend Gloria - a penguin with a beautiful voice and looks to match - Mumble starts to doubt his self-worth.

Then one day, while running from a leopard seal, he runs into a bunch of Adelie penguins. The smaller, Mohawk-sporting, funky Spanish penguins accept Mumble and his tapping feet. Mumble realises he's not the only one who's different.

When Mumble's superstitious community blame him for the disappearance of all the fish, he is exiled. He and his wacky friends embark on an incredible journey to find the fish.

In Happy Feet, the penguins sing surprisingly catchy tunes and the mass tap-dancing scenes make your feet twitch. Although the storyline is somewhat awkward in places, the nutty humour and ridiculous antics make up for it. This is a movie made for laughs, making it the perfect family flick for the season.