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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 11 January, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 11 January, 2007, 12:00am

An inspiring teacher makes you feel good

My favourite teacher is Ms Lam Pui-shan. She is my English teacher.

She has big eyes and long hair and wears glasses.

I'm so happy that she is my English teacher.

She is kind and nice, and she teaches us enthusiastically.

When I have a problem or don't understand the meaning of a word, she helps me.

She is patient with us. When our class is noisy, she doesn't punish us. She asks us to be quiet, without getting angry or shouting.

When she marks our homework, she gives us a lot of helpful comments so that we can improve.

If our work is not very good, she encourages us to do better.

She is a very interesting person, and she makes us feel happy and talented.

I love her very much, and would like to thank her for all her support.

Chloe Chak Yuen-ching

CNEC Christian College (Kwai Chung)

Think of others as you celebrate

On New Year's Eve, most people go out and enjoy themselves with their friends.

Many teenagers choose to count down to the New Year in Tsim Sha Tsui or Causeway Bay where there is a festive atmosphere.

However, while we are having fun celebrating, don't forget to be considerate.

On New Year's Day, there are always tonnes of rubbish on the streets, graffiti on the walls, and mess everywhere.

Next time you celebrate outside, spare a thought for the people who have to clean the streets afterwards.

Don't let your happiness cause sadness for others.


Pooi To Middle School

Senseless bombings achieved nothing

The recent explosions in Thailand were shocking and disheartening.

The bombings destroyed the happy atmosphere as people welcomed in the year 2007.

It's ridiculous that people chose this big day to set off bombs, because a lot of innocent people were put at risk. Hurting innocent people doesn't achieve anything.

I wish the Thai people peace this year.

Leung Yu-wing

STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Jokes can help study

I am writing in response to the letter 'No obscene jokes' (Young Post, November 7, 2006).

The writer said that tutors should not tell sex-related jokes during lessons, but I have a different point of view.

Of course, tutors are responsible for instilling knowledge to students. But why do students take these courses? They hope that the tutors will have alternative teaching techniques.

By using jokes during tutorials, students may be more likely to remember complicated facts.

It will also help them to relax, and remember more.

During an exam, students are under a lot stress, so it can be hard to remember things.

If we can remember a joke related to the content, we will be able to write more accurately and more quickly.

Also, if we can think of something amusing during the exam, we might not be so stressed.

However, students should make their own judgment. If tutors make jokes that are excessively or unnecessarily obscene, students should report them.


Shek Lei Catholic Secondary School

Don't let jealousy control your life

People can be very jealous of even minor things. They harm others to get what they want. There are even cases where people kill their friends or loved ones.

Jealous behaviour is common between teenagers. But those who do something bad will regret.

Most teenagers do not think about their future when they get jealous. People envy each other's money, loved ones or possessions.

It is alright to envy others, but not to the extent that we want to hurt people or take lives.

If we let envy get the better of us, we will not succeed in life.

Gurung Jamuna

HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Studying abroad

Many teenagers go to countries like the US and the UK to continue their studies after their HKCEE.

Studying abroad is a good way of continuing your education and there are lots of advantages.

There are, however, tremendous expenses involved in studying and living in another country.

Sometimes new surroundings can be daunting for a young person.

Students who cannot adjust to their new environment may find themselves facing a lot of social and economic problems.

It might be better for students to study in their own country until they are more mature.

In my opinion, students should wait until university to go abroad.

Sarah Tam

Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club College

Smacking is not the best answer

Most of us had been punished by our parents when we were a child.

Now that I'm older, I think that treating a child too harshly damages his or her dignity.

But parents often feel the best way to stop children from being naughty is to use physical punishment. They smack their children's hands or bottoms.

Physical punishment may scare children into behaving properly, but they do not learn why their behaviour was wrong.

Furthermore, children who have been physically punished tend to be more timid and lack confidence.

The experience of being smacked may also make them think that violence can solve problems.

I understand that parents smack their children because they want them to behave well.

It's far better to teach them why they should behave.

Parents can also give children rewards to encourage good behaviour, ensuring a happy childhood.

Sylvia Cheung

Leung Shek Chee College

Go out and explore our wonderful city

I had an unforgettable Sunday recently.

The weather was perfect. The sky was as blue as the sea and the clouds were as white as snow.

My family and I went to one of Hong Kong's most famous spots, The Peak.

We went there by Peak tram in the morning.

First, we went to the Peak Tower and shopped there. We bought souvenirs and clothes.

My mum bought me a wonderful yellow T-shirt which was very cheap.

Then we visited Madame Tussauds.

We saw a lot of wax models of famous people around the world, including Hong Kong's Jackie Chan.

I took a lot of photos.

Finally, we enjoyed the breathtaking view of Victoria Harbour and admired the wonderful sky view at night. We went home happy.

It was a perfect day and I hope to go there again.

It reminded me that Hong Kong is a beautiful and fascinating city.

Joseph So

CNEC Christian College