PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 January, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 January, 2007, 12:00am

Master of Social Sciences (MSocSc) in Clinical Psychology, University of Hong Kong

This is a two-year full-time course for clinical psychologists that emphasises science-based practices. Courses include assessment of personality and psychopathology, individual psychotherapy, psychopathology, research methods and statistics, family and group therapy, a dissertation and a minimum of 220 days of clinical placement. Requirements Bachelor's degree with honours in psychology or equivalent. May require qualifying examination and tests. Cost HK$42,100 per year. Aid not available. Enrolment deadline February 2008.

MSocSc Clinical Psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

A programme jointly offered by the departments of psychology and psychiatry. Based on the scientist-practitioner model of training, it will provide academic and clinical training and will enable the student to become a clinical psychologist. Courses include seminars in research methods, psychopathology, cognitive assessment, behaviour therapy, individual psychotherapy and clinical seminars. Requirements Bachelor's or postgraduate diploma in psychology, eligible to join HK Psychological Society and score of 75th percentile or above in the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) in psychology (bachelor's degree holders exempted). Cost HK$42,100 per year (full time). Aid Non-means-tested loan scheme. Enrolment deadline February 28, 2007.

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, City University of Hong Kong

A two-year part-time programme designed for degree holders without previous psychology training. It will be a foundation for further study in psychology. Principles of modern psychology will be taught as well as skills for research. Requirements A recognised bachelor's degree or equivalent, or evidence of academic and professional achievements and proof of completion of a study of introductory psychology at a tertiary institution. Cost HK$2,100 per credit unit with minimum of 32 credits required. Aid non-means-tested loan scheme. Enrolment deadline February 28, 2007.

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology, Chinese University of Hong Kong

This part-time programme provides master's-level clinical psychologists with advanced training to take leading roles in psychology. Research methods, clinical workshops and theses are part of the programme. Requirements Master's degree in clinical psychology, a score at 85th percentile or above in GRE subject test in psychology, a 2,500-word or more thesis proposal. Cost HK$60,000 per year (part time, provisional). Aid Not available. Enrolment deadline February 28, 2007

MSc Applied Psychology, Middlesex University, London

With emphasis on research, this programme also encompasses theoretical and practical issues in health, forensic and occupational psychology. It involves contemporary research and theories in health psychology, employee assistance and counselling, motivation, employee relations and health and safety in the workplace, aspects of offender behaviour, and the criminal justice system. Requirements An honours degree in psychology or a relevant discipline. IELTS 6.5. Cost GBP9,300 (HK$140,484) for academic year 2007-2008. Aid Regional award available for Hong Kong residents - GBP1,000 or GBP500. Enrolment deadline May 2007

MSc in the Psychology of Work, University of Leicester, Britain

It consists of six courses and a dissertation. Courses cover the research methods used in occupational research, the ways in which psychologists' work has contributed to the selection of people for jobs, design of information, equipment, workspaces and psychological work environments to take into account human characteristics, the relationships between individuals and patterns of organising. Requirements Honours degree (2:2 or better) or equivalent, may not be relevant degree. IELTS 6.5 or equivalent. Two references, with one from an academic institution. Cost GBP3,725 (HK$56,269) per year. Aid Not available. Enrolment deadline June 30 (for October start) or March 31 (for April start).

PhD in Clinical Psychology, Harvard University, US

The programme will take at least five years to complete. Based on a scientist-practitioner model of training, committed to educating clinical scientists who will be able to integrate research and clinical activities to help advance theory and practice in the field. Accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA). Clinical students must complete at least six semesters of assessment and treatment practice in preparation for the required one-year internship. Requirements BA degree or equivalent, with distinguished undergraduate records, GRE test, TOEFL and letters of recommendation. Cost US$30,276 per year (2006-07, subject to review). Aid Tries to ensure that graduate students have enough financial resources from Harvard or other sources to support themselves. Awards for tuition, fees and living expenses include grants, loans, research fellowships, teaching assistantships and work-study jobs, and depends on merit and need-related considerations. Enrolment deadline Tentatively December 2007

PhD, Stanford University, US

Trains students in the areas of cognitive, development, neuroscience, personality and social psychology. Applicants choose an area of specialisation. Clinical programmes are not offered. Requirements does not have specific course requirements for admission to its doctoral programme. Review of the entire folder of applicants is the basis to assess the applicant's promise for teaching and research careers. Courses taken, grade point average, GRE scores (verbal, quantitative and analytical), letters of recommendation and statement of purpose are all considered. Cost US$32,994 per year (2006-07, subject to review) Aid Has been successful in providing financial support for graduate students in the form of a living stipend, tuition and health insurance, through spring quarter of their fourth year. Enrolment deadline Tentatively November 2007

Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology PsyD, Alliant International University, US, in collaboration with City University, HK

Courses include psychometrics, statistics and research design, advanced psychopathology, intercultural awareness development, observation and interviewing, psychodiagnostic assessment and lifespan development, issues in Chinese psychology, history and systems of psychology, cognitive and affective bases of behaviour, theory and technique of clinical practice-psychodynamic, research proposal design and a practicum, biological bases of behaviour, theory and technique of Chinese practice, professional ethics and the law, clinical skills and pre-doctoral internships, and clinical seminars. Requirements Bachelor's degree with a major in psychology or similar field and 3.0-grade point average or equivalent. Master's degree in psychology or equivalent. Cost Year 1: HK$96,000; year 2 and 3: HK$110,400 each; year 4: HK$96,000. Aid Not available. Enrolment deadline September 2007

MS, MPhil, PhD, Yale University, US

Fields include behavioural neuroscience, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology and social/personality psychology. Behavioural neuroscience - the basic mechanisms of behaviour through the knowledge of their physiological substrates. Clinical psychology education designed for the scientist-professional to create an environment for advancing theory and research - accredited by the American Psychological Association. Cognitive psychology - basic research in perception, human learning and memory, consciousness, thinking and problem solving, language and intelligence. Developmental programme - training in understanding children of all ages. Social/personality psychology programme investigates the links between frustration and aggression, public opinion formation and the cognitive basis of social behaviour. Students choose an area of specialisation with other electives. Requirements TOEFL, GRE general test. Cost US$29,300 per year (subject to review). Aid Doctoral programme students guaranteed a minimum level of stipend support and provided with full tuition fellowships and comprehensive health-care coverage. The majority of students enrolled in terminal master's programmes and the Division of Special Registration are self-supported. Enrolment deadline Tentatively December 2007

MSocSc (Psychology by research), National University of Singapore

Research areas include cardiovascular psychophysiology, genetic and psychosocial factors in coronary heart disease, cognitive neuroscience of learning and memory, selective attention, visual perception, biological bases of schizophrenia and depression, interpersonal and group relations, psycholinguistics, cross-linguistic comparisons of literacy development, bilingual language development in young children, adolescent social development and parent stress and adaptation to paediatric illness in Singapore. Requirements Honours degree or equivalent in psychology or a related subject, or other qualifications and experience as the Faculty and Board of Graduate Studies may approve. TOEFL score of at least 580 or equivalent. May require GRE and interview. Cost S$2,395 (HK$12,149) for 2006-07. Aid Offers financial assistance to outstanding full-time graduate research students through its research scholarships. Limited number of scholarships available. Enrolment deadline November 15 and May 15