Love story set to music

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 21 January, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 21 January, 2007, 12:00am

Nodame Cantabile (TV series)

New romantic comedy anime Nodame Cantabile is a sweet romance set in the world of classical music.

An arrogant, but hugely talented, pianist meets a quirky girl also studying piano, who just might be his muse.

Originally an award-wining manga by Tomoko Ninomiya, Nodame Cantabile has already been made into a live action television show starring Hiroshi Tamaki and Juri Ueno.

The anime premiered on Fuji TV on January 11. It is produced by J.C. STAFF, who also brought Excel Saga, Starship Operators and Zero no Tsukaima to anime life.

The story revolves around Shinichi Chiaki, a 22-year-old music student at the Momogaoka Music Academy.

He is a talented pianist and violinist whose father is also a famous musician. Shinichi grew up going to concerts and listening to the best orchestras in the world.

Shinichi dreams of studying music under the famous European conductor Sebastino Viera, and dreams of becoming a conductor himself. However, Shinichi is terrified of flying and sailing, so cannot travel to Europe to study.

Irritated at having to stay in Japan, he takes his frustrations out on his music teacher and calls him useless. His teacher promptly drops him.

Shinichi wanders the halls listening to his peers and ridiculing their lack of talent.

However, he hears something different in one student's playing.

Shinichi eventually meets her when he falls asleep outside her door. Her piano playing wakes him, and he finds peace listening to her.

However, the magic is broken when he sees that the apartment is a dump.

Through a typical romantic plot twist, his new piano teacher is the same as the messy girl's.

When they are forced to play a Mozart piano duet, romance blossoms.