PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 January, 2007, 12:00am
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Paper 1a - 1

Apartments available

Read the passages and answer the questions

A. Golden Tower - 3 bedrooms, large living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms/w.c.s. Beautiful sea view. The building is a new one with cable TV and broadband connections in all flats. Ground-level garden and play area for young children. Sale or rental.

B. Majestic Hall - 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, bathroom, 2 separate w.c.s, kitchen with amah's quarters. Enjoy life in a garden setting far from the hustle and bustle. Large balcony. The building has its own jogging track. Convenient mini-bus service. Sale only.

C. Ming House - 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom/w.c. Mountain view. Close to MTR. The building has a large Resident's Club with full facilities including gym and Chinese restaurant. Sale or rental.

D. Happy Mansion - 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen, bathroom/w.c., small store room, balcony. Gym, pool and roof-top tennis court. Close to shopping malls, schools and transport facilities. Sale or rental.

Answer the following questions.

Write the letter A, B, C or D next to each question.

1. Which apartment has the most bedrooms?

2. Which apartment is definitely good for someone who dislikes cooking?

3. Which apartment are we sure has been built recently?

4. Which apartment has a place for a maid?

5. Which apartment has specially mentioned kitchen?

6. Which apartment is suitable for someone wanting to be away from the urban areas?

7. Which apartment has most rooms?

8. Which apartment can you definitely swim at?

9. Which apartment is clearly in town?

10. Which apartment cannot be taken on a monthly basis?

The house had an atmosphere of decay about it. Beyond the gate, half-hanging off its post, was a small area of lifeless plants, withered flowers and strangely misshapen trees. The house had long before been painted an unattractive brown, which had now faded to a sort of non-colour. Within, the rooms were small and cramped. One could hardly turn without brushing against a damp wall. Nor was it possible to make oneself warm; a continuous cold draught seemed to find its way through windows and doors that obviously did not close tightly enough. It was a depressing dwelling place which could not cheer itself up even on a sunny day.

11. Write here a negative noun from the first sentence.

12. Write here three negative adjectives from then second sentence.

13. Write here a negative verb from the third sentence.

14. Cramped means A. poorly builtB. lacking in spaceC. unfriendly

[clue: read the next sentence]

15. A draught is

You will love this tastefully decorated apartment. Each room has its own perfect style. The master bedroom has a French elegance and atmosphere of luxury with gold fittings in its bathroom and fine marbles on the walls and floor. The guest room is all delicate pastel shades, creating a cool, restful comfort. The balcony has impressive ironwork and provides the ideal place to sit with a cocktail in hand to watch the glorious sunsets that the site is known for. The main room has an exquisite Turkish carpet and its magnificent woodwork conceals all the latest electronic devices one might want for one's work or entertainment.

16. What do you think is the purpose of this passage?

17. Circle the two which are pastel shades: A. bright red B. pale blue C. black

D. light pink E. golden yellow F. deep brown

18. Give an example of one of the likely electronic devices mentioned.

The snow whirled and the wind howled, its cold cutting through our clothes like a knife of ice. We knocked anxiously at the dark door. If there were no one there to give us shelter, we were doomed. Then the door opened and a flood of light poured out chasing away the dreadful night. 'Come on! Come in!' said a friendly voice. The door closed behind us shutting out the storm. We stumbled down a dark corridor and then entered a kitchen. And what a kitchen! It was a long stone room with a great roaring fire in the centre along one wall. Its light was reflected from shiny brass cooking pots so that the whole room seemed to be smiling and welcoming us in. Soon our wet outer clothes had been removed and we were sitting in plump armchairs nursing cups of chocolate in our gradually warming hands.

19. In what sort of text would you expect to find this passage?

20. What contrasts is the passage based on?

21. Anxiously means they were ___________________________.

22. Which meaning of nurse is being used in the final sentence?

nurse [noun]

1. someone who looks after the sick

2. a woman who looks after a young child


3. take care of a sick person

4. feel a strong emotion for some time

5. slowly consume a drink

6. breast feed a baby


1. a 2. c 3. a 4. b 5. d 6. b 7. d 8. d 9. c 10. b 11. decay 12. lifeless, withered, misshapen 13. faded 14. b 15. a cold current of air 16. to sell the apartment 17. b & d 18. television/DVD player/hi-fi/computer 19. a novel 20. outside/cold/dark: inside/light/warm 21. worried/frightened 22. 5