Civil servant for a day

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 January, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 January, 2007, 12:00am

Twenty-three government departments are playing host to more than 400 Form Four to Seven students in a job shadowing programme.

Since November last year, students have been assigned to different government departments for a one-day training programme.

The students accompany civil servants as they go about their daily duties.

Co-organised by Junior Achievement Hong Kong and the Education and Manpower Bureau, the programme is intended to let students gain hands-on work experience.

Ten students from Notre Dame College became weather broadcasters at the Hong Kong Observatory in November.

During the one-day visit, they got to see the hi-tech meteorological equipment at the observatory.

Form Seven student Esther Gee relished her role as a temporary broadcaster.

'I always watch the weather forecasts on TV. I thought presenting the information would be a piece of cake. I never knew that the process is so complicated - you have to match the changing backdrops seamlessly with what is said.

'I also had to pay attention to whether my body was concealing the important parts of the backdrops,' said Esther.

Five students from Caritas Yuen Long Chan Chun Ha Secondary School visited the Trade and Development Department, also in November.

They saw how the department organised exhibitions and talks for local small- and medium-sized companies.

Form Seven student Ceci Chu was responsible for leading guests into a venue for a talk on local businesses.

'I saw that civil servants are very polite and meticulous in performing their duties,' said Ceci.

'I worked with another student in assisting them in staging the talk. I learned the importance of working as a team.'

For Samantha Pang, another Form Seven student from the school, it was the first time she had been involved in a big seminar.

'Many contingencies arose that day. It was very challenging,' said Samantha.

Emily Ng Yick-mui, the teacher in charge of the programme, said the visit was a valuable opportunity for her students to expose themselves to a real working environment.

'By observing the department's workflow, they could see the importance of team work,' said Ms Ng.