Look out for our new column to help you save money

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 January, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 January, 2007, 12:00am

People in Hong Kong place a lot of emphasis on materialism. This kind of attitude is dominant in students, too. Young people rarely save money. They buy whatever they want, even luxury goods.

But saving is the first step to becoming a millionaire.

Who knows what will happen in the future, or what difficulties we may encounter. Saving money is like buying insurance to protect our future.

We should try to save money from a young age.


Ju Ching Chu Secondary School (Kwai Chung)

Thanks for your letter, Karen. Make sure that you have a look at today's Teen Talk. This week the story is titled 'Luxuries of life' and is about buying expensive goods to show off. The page introduces some colloquial English expressions, such as 'cushy' and 'glitzy'. If you aren't familiar with these words, I suggest you turn to page 9 and find out what they mean, and then try using them yourself.

As you seem to be interested in saving money, Karen, you'll want to look out for our new money column on Wednesdays. Beginning February 7, Business Post reporter Cameron Dueck will write a column explaining the hottest business stories of the week. Don't miss it.

Kate, Editor