Ahem, doc, I'd like to know, um, can I 'do it' in space?

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 10 February, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 10 February, 2007, 12:00am

Like everyone else, I have been glued to news reports about the arrest of love-struck US astronaut Lisa Nowak (right) for attempted kidnapping and murder and wondering whether sex in space is possible and, if so, whether it would be any good.

I wasn't sure who to ask in Hong Kong. Perhaps Nasa has done extensive research on that question but I have not been able to contact them. So for answers, I tried my dentist, Ng Tze-chuen, who was involved in space mission research with Nasa and the European Space Agency, and my family doctor (who thought I was being coy about my sexual problems and too embarrassed to ask outright for a Viagra prescription).

Apparently, people often experience nausea and dizziness under zero-gravity conditions, according to Dr Ng. So if your potential space sex partner says she has a headache, she probably isn't lying. Astronauts also experience lower blood pressure, which of course reduces blood flow to you know where. This is where my family doctor, who declined to be named for this article, enters. Could sex pills like Viagra or Levitra compensate for the reduced blood flow? Probably yes, my doctor said.

But, and this is a big 'but', he said possible side effects of the sex drugs include headache, dizziness and flushed faces. All of these conditions could presumably be exacerbated in space.