Christian students vow to save sex for wedlock

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 February, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 February, 2007, 12:00am

Hundreds of students yesterday vowed not to have sex before marriage but a critic said it was unhealthy for young people to suppress their sexual desires.

The vow was taken by several hundred Christian tertiary institute and university students who gathered in Chater Garden for a ceremony hosted by the groups Holy.Net in Youth and the Hong Kong Sex Culture Society.

The students put rings on their fingers and stated: 'I am willing to guard my virginity and refuse to have sex before marriage and protect myself from dirty pollution of sex culture and avoid having sexual desire.'

During the event, a 21-year-old man named Bo Bo said he felt hopeless and frustrated because he had visited pornographic websites each week and had sexual desires.

'I felt very upset at that time. I could not stop myself visiting porn sites and having those kinds of thoughts,' he said, sharing his 'painful' experience before he converted to Christianity.

But Jo Lee Wai-yee of the Society for the Study of Sexualities and Sexual Politics said it was unhealthy for young people to suppress their sexual desires.

'The religious group has made sex out to be something that sounds like a sickness or sin.

'But in fact, it is very natural for humans to have such thoughts and feelings. Young people might feel even more frustrated when they have to suppress their sexual thoughts or desires, as they think it is very wrong to have such feelings or thoughts,' she said.

Ms Lee also said yesterday's ceremony followed a practice by Christian groups in the US and dated back to the 1980s.

'It seems that the Hong Kong groups are copying exactly the same thing from their American counterparts.'

She also cited studies conducted in the US which found youngsters who converted to Christianity and took a vow not to have sex before marriage often ended up experiencing problems.

'The suppression made young people feel even more curious about sex.

'When they get to the point that they cannot suppress their sexual desires anymore, they will have sex, which might lead to unexpected pregnancy,' she said.

'The worst thing is these youngsters lack knowledge about sex, such as taking precautions ... These people tend to think learning how to use condoms helps provoke sexual desires.'