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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 February, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 February, 2007, 12:00am

Avoid black moss and stay healthy

Academics have called for a total ban on the sale of fat choi, the black, hair-like algae that's a popular delicacy during Lunar New Year.

There have been several cases of poisoning from fake fat choi imported from the mainland. Because it's very hard to tell the difference between real and fake plants, I think people should stop eating it.

Although the health hazards from fake black moss are still unknown, consumers should stay away from them to be on the safe side.

Sze Man-yi

Ning Po No 2 College

Animals deserve our love and concern

I recently received a video by e-mail which showed the fate of some wild animals adopted by circus.

Wild animals are not suitable for performing in a circus. They are used to running around free.

Animal trainers claim that they train animals using love and encouragement. But the video showed that the animals are badly treated.

They are locked in small cages. When a performance is approaching, they are 'trained'. The training is in fact beating.

They end their miserable lives in the zoos if they're lucky, or abandoned on the roadside if they are not.

I feel ashamed for the lack of humanity shown towards our animal friends. We should respect all creatures in the world.

Michael Lo

Responsible readers

I think publishers around the world need to be asked to print that most anticipated book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on recycled paper.

Since it is sure to be the biggest-selling book of the year, I dread to imagine how many trees will be destroyed to satisfy all the Harry Potter fans.

W Wong

Married for money

Immigration officials on both sides of the border recently seized hundreds of forged ID cards and marriage certificates, and arrested nearly 100 people involved in bogus marriages.

They were also searching for 400 couples who had participated in sham marriages for visa purposes.

The mainlanders paid about HK$10,000 to HK$60,000 each to marry a Hong Kong resident and obtain an ID card. They could then live in Hong Kong and get a job.

It's important that the immigration officials work hard to find the people who are setting up these marriages.

Not only are mainlanders being cheated, Hongkongers are losing their jobs.

Carmen Chun

Our Lady of the Rosary College

Learn to enjoy your life and be happy

Many young people feel that life is full of hurdles. This makes them depressed.

When I started Form Six, the difficult tests and the large amount of homework make me feel that life is very difficult.

What's more, I was separated from my friends, because they couldn't go to Form Six.

However, I decided to try to enjoy my busy life.

I try to stay calm when I have a test.

When I study, I concentrate fully on it and don't think of other things.

When I take part in my extra-curricular activities I try my best.

When I get the fruitful results from the different part of my life, I feel very happy about the effort I have made.

This helps me overcome any sadness I feel.

Persuade yourself to enjoy your life. Then you will realise that your life is meaningful.

A Student

Computer addiction

Many teenagers are addicted to the computer. Most of them use the computer for more than two hours a day. Some use it for more than five hours a day.

They don't have enough time to do their homework, eat their meals, or even sleep.

Following the Boxing Day earthquake in Taiwan, many undersea wires were destroyed. A lot of countries in Asia couldn't connect to the internet.

This earthquake made many Hong Kong teenagers upset and angry because they couldn't go on the internet to chat with their friends or play online games.

I think they should really have been worrying about the people in Taiwan that were injured, and those who lost their homes and family.

Teenagers should also learn to control themselves when using the computer. Staring at the screen for too long not only damages their eyes, it wastes time.

Students should learn how to manage their time, and try to cure their addiction.

Chi Ching

Yew Chung International School

Crime doesn't pay

Unfortunately, there is crime all around us: theft, pick-pocketing, shop-lifting, and more serious crimes such as kidnap and murder.

Some teenagers think that committing a small crime, such as shop-lifting, is a way to have fun or show others they're cool.

But it's very wrong to think that way.

Firstly, it's not right to steal. Secondly, if you get caught, you will be punished by the legal system. Your parents will be very disappointed.

I think the teenagers that shop-lift or steal are being very selfish and irresponsible.

On the other hand, some people commit more serious crimes such as robbery and kidnap because they feel they have no choice.

They feel it is the only way to stay alive or feed their family.

I think the judges and juries should think about the reason a crime was committed before deciding what punishment to give them.

But I hope everyone thinks carefully about the consequences of crime. There is always another solution.

Pearl Ho

Lucky to have a loving family

I have a wonderful family. Some children don't have a family, so I realise I am very lucky to have a family.

There are five members of my family: my sister, brother, mum, dad and me.

My family give me great support, a home and everything I need.

Although my sister and brother are very naughty, sometimes, they are very cute and fun to play with.

They always make my parents and me laugh.

My dad, who is very funny and always kind, always encourages me.

My mum is good at English, and always helps me with my homework.

Even though we often argue, I will love my family forever.

Valerie Man

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Take the stairs

I feel very angry when I see fit, healthy residents of the first, second or third floor taking the lift. Why can't they walk up? They are not disabled and it doesn't take much energy to walk.

Of course, they have the right to take the lift. But it would be quicker to walk than wait for the lift. It would also save electricity and other people's time.

It's a shame that Hong Kong people always complain they don't have enough time to exercise. Walking up a couple of flights of stairs is great exercise.

So don't complain - take action and grab every opportunity you get.

Lui Choi-hei

Tam Pak Yu College