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PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 February, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 February, 2007, 12:00am


Hong Kong's millionaires (mil-yuh-nair) are 40 per cent richer than a year ago - and more than half are now women.

So says a Citibank survey which found 276,000 Hongkongers had at least HK$1 million in liquid assets at the end of last year. While the total is up only 2,000 on the number in 2005, the average millionaire had liquid assets of HK$5.6 million, up from HK$4 million a year earlier. (SCMP, February 14, 2007)

Use these words: a. survey b. millionaire or c. liquid

1. A person whose wealth amounts to a million or more in some unit of

currency, as dollars is called a ____________________.

2. Assets in the form of cash (or easily convertible into cash) are called

____________________ assets.

3. A sampling, or partial collection, of facts, figures, or opinions is a


Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire? I don't. Have flashy flunkeys everywhere? I don't.

Who wants the bother of a country estate? A country estate is something I'd hate!

Who wants to wallow in champagne? I don't. Who wants a supersonic plane? I don't.

Who wants a marble swimming pool too? I don't. And I don't 'cause all I want is you.

Who wants to be a millionaire? I don't. Who wants uranium to spare? I don't.

Who wants to journey on a gigantic yacht? Do I want a yacht? Oh, how I do not!

Who wants a fancy foreign car? I don't. Who wants to tire of caviar? I don't.

Who wants a private landing field too? I don't. And I don't 'cause all I want is you.

Written by Cole Porter, 1956 and sung by various artists

Find out what a flashy flunkey is!


City views

Love it or loathe it, graffiti is endemic in most cities in the world. Some consider it vandalism, others consider it street art. Invariably, it is a form of protest, whether it be the simple tag - 'Kilroy was here' - or the more elaborate slogans that inveigh against capitalism, the war in Iraq, animal rights, or whatever other issue concerns its author. (SCMP, February 14, 2007)

Cross Match

1. graffiti (gruh-fee-tee)

2. graffitist (gruh-fee-tist)

3. graffito (gruh-fee-toh)

4. vandalism (van-dl-iz-uhm)

a. An ancient drawing or writing scratched on a wall or other surface

b. Markings, as initials, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a

sidewalk, wall of a building or the like

c. A person who creates graffiti

d. Deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property

Did you know that the word 'graffiti' is the same in Estonian, Danish, Finnish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Norwegian?

Graffiti is illegal in Hong Kong.

Go online and create your own legal graffiti at these websites:


A. 1b, 2c, 3a

B. 1b, 2c, 3a, 4d