PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 March, 2007, 12:00am

Name: Zita Harmat

Age: 15

Country/ City: Hungary, Budapest

School name: ZoltAn KodAly Hungarian Choral School

Star sign: Aquarius

I'm 155cm tall, thin and have brown hair. I'm quite shy, and sometimes wish I had more self-confidence.

I don't know yet what I'd like to be in the future. I'm thinking about being a physics researcher or a journalist.

I have lessons, like most students, on the usual subjects such as maths and history, but as I'm in choral school, I also have lessons on singing, choir and solfege - technical musical skills such as sight reading and singing in tune.

We also learn about chords, intervals and reading music. This year, we have started to learn the theory of harmony.

One of the most interesting tasks at school involves figuring out the tune and writing down the notes when the teacher plays the piano (it can be a three-part work).

Each day I spend about 45 minutes on my homework.

As a student at choir school, it's not surprising that I like classical music. My favourite composers are Hungarian musician Bartok Bela and German composer Johannes Brahms.

But I don't listen to classical music in my free time. I usually listen to pop and rock. I like songs that are related to our nation.

My current favourite is the music from Stephen, the King, a rock opera about St Stephen, the first king of Hungary. My favourite musician is Akos who is a Hungarian singer and poet.

In my spare time, my friends and I like to hang out in town or I browse the internet. I also like chatting with friends, playing computer games and practising guitar. I like reading too - my favourite genres are science fiction and romance.

I particularly like playing table tennis because many people can play and you can talk while you're playing.

During holidays, my family and I usually go to Croatia or on summer camps.

I'm close to my family. I discuss almost everything with my mother. My father is quite busy but he loves me very much.

I have a twin brother who is blind. I talk to him a lot and we get on well. I also have an elder brother who goes to university. He is a good person, too.

My elder sister is the only member of the family who doesn't live with us. She lives in a small flat on her own. She's always there for me, though, and gives me advice.

Typical Hungarian foods are stuffed cabbage, fish soup, roast white and black pudding and dishes made from pork.

I usually eat bread with butter, bacon and ham. I don't have to cook.

I'd recommend a visit to Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and the city where I live.

Another great place is Lake Balaton, which is the biggest lake in Central Europe and a good place to swim.

The most important festival in Hungary is National Day on August 20, when we celebrate our first king, St Stephen I, and the New Bread.

Traditionally, harvesting finishes in August and the 'new bread' is the first bread baked from the freshly harvested wheat. There are festive speeches, concerts and fireworks in the evening.

I like knowing the history of my country and enjoy the feeling that I belong somewhere.

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