Part 9 - Blogging & civil journalism

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 March, 2007, 12:00am


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Blogs, blogging, and bloggers - a new form of media has been created by the public. Blogs (short for 'weblogs') are online journals. They are a form of individual web publishing which are periodically updated. They provide online commentary, and often include thoughts and opinions, web links to sites about similar subjects, photographs and graphics, and comments from readers. By Karen Lee Bracher

Bloggers publish reports and commentaries live on the internet. They can provide information to the world faster than some traditional media, all without a publisher or editor to review or approve their work.

If you can't ignore them or beat them, then join them!

Even mainstream media uses blogging. Blogs are written and published online by newspapers and TV stations, together with their regular website content. But most of these blogs are overseen by someone else to make sure the content is appropriate to be viewed by the public.

There are political blogs too.

Former Chief Secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang's blog,

Quick facts

Use these words: blogger, blogosphere, post or entry, comment, weblog

1. A website that is updated frequently, most often displaying its material in journal-like entries is called a ____________.

2. Someone who writes a blog is a ______________.

3. An online community of bloggers and their writing is called the ___________.

4. A specific article or commentary written by the blogger is called a __________

5. When readers write a reaction to what has been written in the blog entry it is called a _____________.

Suggest a blog

Read today's South China Morning Post and suggest content to search for in blogs

Blogging is not just for the young!

Young at heart . . . Ching Man-hung, 67, who has become a blogger, shows his blog site to social worker Peggy Ko Pik-kei (right), at Cyber Senior Network Development Association, Kwun Tong.

To read blogs written by Hong Kong's elderly, visit

Forget the men-in-suits conferences, blogging conferences are laid-back and convenient

The Shanghai bloggers' conference last year was a casual affair.

Mainland blogging is not so easy

News from the South China Morning Post:

Mainland citizens of the internet [an estimated 17.5 million bloggers] give themselves [non-descript] pseudonyms like 'Water' to protect their anonymity. So a moniker like 'Ground Melon Pig' was bound to attract attention ...

Written by a Beijing-based journalist, the blog ... deals with the emotional subject of unmarried mothers.

Ground Melon Pig's blog is addressed to her unborn child. In a country where few women choose to have children on their own, she has been flooded with warnings about the difficulties that single mothers face.

Ground Melon Pig's blog has become an unofficial forum and support network for unmarried mainland mothers. That's a valuable public service in a country where officialdom doesn't smile on nonconformists. But would this blogger be so open if she had to register her blog under her real name? (SCMP, November 1, 2006)

Discuss the pros and cons of:

1. The Internet Society of China's proposal that all bloggers will be required to register under their real names.

2. The State Administration of Radio, Film and TV (China) is considering the proposal to control the uploading of video clips onto the internet.


Use these words to fill in the spaces: intellectual, viewpoints, communities, social, actively

A Netizen (a mixture of the words 'internet' and 'citizen'; also known as a 'cybercitizen') is someone who is ______________ involved in online ______________. Netizens use the internet to join online ______________ groups, and give ______________ and exchange information. They use the internet as an ______________ and social resource.


Portmanteaux means 'blends' - words formed by combining two other words. Portmanteaux often take a prefix from one word and a suffix from the other.

Which two words are each of the following portmanteaux based on?

1. Chin/glish ______________________ and ______________________

2. Simul/cast ______________________ and ______________________

3. Avi/onics ______________________ and ______________________

4. Pix/el ______________________ and ______________________

5. Advert/orial ______________________ and ______________________

Write down the portmanteaux made from the following words.

6. Cybernetic and organism: ___________________

7. Fan and magazine:__________________________

Why not make up some of your own?


Quick facts: 1. weblog; 2. blogger; 3. blogosphere; 4. post or entry; 5. comment Netizens: actively; communities; social; viewpoints; intellectual; Portmanteaux: Chinese and English; simultaneous and broadcast; aviation and electronics; picture (pix for short) and element; advertising and editorial; cyborg; fanzine