Campus Cool

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 March, 2007, 12:00am

After years in a school uniform, dressing to look cool on campus can be a challenge. Here are Chi-fai's top tips

Name: Ip Chi-fai

Age: 22

Mr Ip is a Year Two Applied Chemistry student at City University of Hong Kong. He plays basketball for the school team and Division A1 basketball league of the Happy Valley Athletic Association.

What's your favourite fashion style?

I usually wear sportswear because I'm an athlete. Even when I'm not at a competition or practice, I still prefer wearing sporty or casual clothes, such as t-shirts, baggy jeans and a windbreaker. My clothes are usually from sports shops, such as Royal Sporting House and Marathon Sports.

I don't like loud prints, but I believe colours affect one's mood. So I prefer wearing clothes with bright colours because they make you look and feel happy. When I buy clothes, I also check the material. I prefer natural fibres, such as cotton, to artificial fabrics, such as nylon and PVC. Cotton is more absorbent.

I really like Nike's Dri-Fit line because the clothes keep your body dry after exercise.

What's your most important fashion item?

Basketball sneakers are more important for me. I prefer high-tops because they provide better ankle support than low-cut sneakers. You sprain your ankles more easily with low-cut sneakers.

I suggest that you buy slightly bigger sneakers so that you can wear thicker socks. Sometimes I even wear two pairs of socks to make sure my feet are heavily wrapped to avoid sprains.

I keep one pair of sneakers for outdoor and another pair for indoor games to avoid bringing dust and dirt from outdoors to the indoor courts. Sneakers for outdoor games wear out more quickly, so I change them every month because of my intense training.

What are your favourite accessories?

Many people associate basketball gear with hip hop fashion. But I don't wear bling because it's too flashy. I wear plastic wrist bands sometimes.

Recently, I've been obsessed with hanging my iPod Nano around my neck. I think this will be a new fashion trend for boys who prefer gadgets to flashy accessories.


Keep a spare t-shirt in your bag during summer if you sweat a lot.

Apply deodorant in the summer.


Tight clothes are not suitable for exercise.