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PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 09 March, 2007, 12:00am


Two Koreas to resume

family reunions

North and South Korea have agreed to resume reunions for separated families following four days of high-level talks in Pyongyang, reports said on Friday.

The two nations, separated for half a century by minefields and barbed wire, will resume family reunions in early May, said the reports carried by Seoul's Yonhap news agency. (SCMP, March 2, 2007)


The prefix 're' in a word means back or again


The root is a part that contains the basic meaning (definition) of a word; it may stand alone. If not, it must be joined with other parts to form words.

What are the root words?

1. resume ________________________________________________________

2. reunion _______________________________________________________

3. report _________________________________________________________


About 100 youths attacked Danish police with stones at a derelict school, television reports said on Friday, after a day of running street battles against the forced eviction of squatters.

Police used tear gas to disperse the youths and closed off the area in the capital Copenhagen's notoriously (noh-tawr-ee-uhs-ly) rough Noerrebro district to stop supporters joining them, TV2 television said. (SCMP, March 2, 2007)

Cross Match

A. squatter (skwot-ters)

B. derelict (der-uh-likt)

C. eviction (e-vict-shon)

D. disperse (di-spurs)

1. To expel (a person) from land or a building by legal process

2. A person who takes over an unoccupied property without any title, right, or payment of rent

3. Something that is deserted by the owner or guardian; abandoned

4. To drive or send off in various directions


Time Warner, the world's biggest media company, has agreed to sell three joint-venture cinemas on the mainland, four months after pledging to withdraw from the country's film-showing business due to government restrictions. (SCMP, March 2, 2007)

Movies are only a part of Time Warner's business

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Rate it 1 (poor) - 10 (great)


On this page (unscramble the letters below to make a word)

1. ovegrentnm _________________

2. masncie ____________________

3. nstroatorsdem _______________

4. oangngyPy ___________________

5. vonistelei ____________________

6. What is an area of land or water where explosives have been laid? ______________________________________


A - 1. sume, 2. union, 3. port;

B - a. 2, b. 3, c. 1, d. 4;

D - 1. government, 2. cinemas, 3. demonstrators, 4. Pyongyang, 5. television, 6. minefield