Guard was shot twice before levelling shotgun at robber

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 13 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 13 March, 2007, 12:00am

A Hang Seng Bank security guard was shot twice before he pointed his shotgun at a masked robber - who then forced him to kneel and fired a third bullet into his head, the Coroner's Court heard yesterday.

A customer who witnessed the death of Zafar Iqbal Khan said the weapon resembled a police service revolver.

Lui Kwok-hoo, 60, was testifying at the joint inquest into the deaths of police constable Leung Shing-yan and Khan in Tsuen Wan in 2001 and of constables Tsang Kwok-hang and Tsui Po-ko in a Tsim Sha Tsui underpass in March last year.

Mr Lui said he was in the Hang Seng Bank's Belvedere Garden branch when the robbery took place at about 12.10pm.

'The robber shouted at Khan 'Drop your gun! Drop your gun!' but Khan did not put down his shotgun,' Mr Lui said.

'The robber immediately fired two shots at [Khan],' he said, adding that the bullets entered near the chest area.

'Khan did not fall down despite being shot. He raised his shotgun and pointed at the robber - who had already climbed onto a teller's counter.'

The robber jumped to the floor and dashed back to Khan. He pressed against the guard's back with one hand, forcing him to kneel.

'He then fired into Khan's head near the left side of his neck before Khan fell down.'

Another customer, Ng Lai-chun, 48, said she saw Khan fall to the floor with blood pouring from his head.

A police officer who accompanied the security guard to Yan Chai Hospital said there were three wounds on Khan's body.

'He had bullet wounds on the left side of the head and above his belly button. On his left wrist there was a two-inch gash,' said Constable Chan Tse-wing, who was stationed in Tsuen Wan at the time.

Another police officer, Cheung Sing-nin, who collected evidence, said he found a bullet next to a pool of blood where the guard collapsed.

'I also found a shotgun with three bullets,' Detective Sergeant Cheung said, adding that the shotgun had not been fired.

Ricacorp Property manager Lo Yat-yu, whose office is next to the bank, said he tried to follow the robber - who he said was wearing a loose red top and holding a pistol-like object in his left hand and a black bag in his right - but lost him.

'He was not sprinting but kind of jogging towards the shopping mall,' he said.

The inquest, before Coroner Michael Chan Pik-kiu and a jury, continues today.