Red polo shirt key clue in probe

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 March, 2007, 12:00am

A souvenir from a mainland motorcycle event obtained from Tsui Po-ko's home after last year's shoot-out in Tsim Sha Tsui became an important clue in the investigation into the death of a bank security guard shot in a robbery in 2001.

A gift medal from the 'Motorcycle International Festival Tourism Yinchuan China' found in Tsui's flat led police officers to the mainland in the hope of identifying the robbery suspect.

The Coroner's Court heard that the red polo shirt worn by the robber captured on the bank's security camera was a target for the search of materials seized from Tsui's Tung Chung flat after he died in the shoot-out in the early morning of March 17 last year.

A detective said yesterday it was later revealed Tsui could have owned a similar red polo shirt, possibly a gift in 2000.

The court heard that Detective Senior Inspector Chan Wai-hon and Sergeant Fung Pui-ming took a three-hour flight to Yinchuan , Ningxia . They found Chen Feng, the polo shirt designer.

Sergeant Fung testified Mr Chen had told him a friend introduced Tsui to him on June 22, 2000, at the first festival. He said Mr Chen had given Tsui a medal and a red polo shirt as souvenirs. Tsui did not take part in the festival.

'Mr Chen claimed he had designed a logo and [it] was printed on 1,000 shirts in various colours for the event,' Sergeant Fung said.

In his testimony, Mr Chen told the detectives he also brought Tsui for a swim in the Yellow River and detectives were given photographs taken then to verify Tsui's identity.

The sergeant added Mr Chen had said local newspaper Xin Xiao Xi Bao interviewed Tsui who was referred to as 'an official from the Hong Kong police force'.

The detectives obtained a new red polo shirt from Mr Chen for forensic examination. Comparisons were made with the images of the bank robber and also footage seized from Tsui's home, which showed a man in a similar polo shirt.

Mr Chen is expected to give evidence at the inquest today.