Counterfeit Money

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 20 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 20 March, 2007, 12:00am


'Some suspects have been arrested and we are working closely with Macau and mainland officials in the probe. We hope that we can solve the problem as soon as possible'

Police Commissioner Tang King-shing

'We believe the counterfeit banknotes were made by the same syndicate and were made outside Hong Kong'

Chief Inspector Michael Yu Shi-cheung

'The situation is under control. We will teach the public to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit banknotes while they have to be cautious when receiving banknotes'

Financial Secretary Henry Tang Ying-yen

'Mainland customers often like to pay with a HK$1,000 note, but I would ask them to give me yuan instead'

Taxi driver Chau Shiu-wing

Tips on spotting a fake

Police provided tips on how the public can recognise counterfeit notes.

* Holographic window thread: on genuine notes, it has clear text and good-quality holographic images showing 'HK1000' and the bauhinia flower pattern, but on counterfeit notes it does not shimmer as much and the text is unclear.

* Silver metallic ink on front circular pattern: on genuine notes, it is bright and shiny, but dull on counterfeit bills.

* Concealed denomination in lower right side: when viewed horizontally, the numbers '1000' can be seen on genuine notes, but the image is weak or missing on the fakes.

* Police also set up a hotline - 2860 5012 - for the public to report any suspicious banknotes.