PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 25 March, 2007, 12:00am

Name: Serafijn Gentils

Age: 17

City/ Country: Flanders, Belgium

School name: Sint-Jozefscollege Aalst

Star sign: Aries

I am easy-going and relaxed. But that doesn't mean I'm lazy, I can work hard if I want to.

I live on the outskirts of a small village in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium. This village only has a few thousand inhabitants, and it is very quiet. No noise, and clean air and nature everywhere. I love it.

The weather in Belgium is weird: you rarely get what you expect. However, there is one thing that you can be certain of, and that is rain. It rains a lot, no matter what time of year. But it doesn't mean that we never have good weather.

I was at boarding school for six years. It was great, because I was living with my friends. It was also very practical, because I didn't have to rush to school through heavy traffic. I had a great time there.

In the part of Belgium where I live, people speak Flemish. Flemish is actually the same language as Dutch, but Flemish-speakers and Dutch-speakers don't always understand each other, due to big differences in pronunciation.

I also speak French, English and German. Because Italian is quite similar to French, I can speak and understand that. As an exchange student with the AFS Intercultural Exchanges in Hong Kong, I'm learning Cantonese, which is very difficult.

At weekends, my friends and I hang out at cafes or clubs to meet new people.

I go cycling or play football in my free time. On Sundays, I am a leader in a youth movement called Chiro which is similar to the scouts.

I have a younger brother and a sister. We rarely argue, except for the usual sibling fights. My mother and father both work hard. I can tell them whatever they want, and they will help me if I have any problems. I love my family!

My family and I love travelling. We have been almost everywhere in Europe, and some north and west African countries.

I don't get pocket money because I don't need it. If I need something, I ask my parents. They decide whether they want to pay for it or not.

For dinner, we only eat bread, together with cheese and cured meats. Lunch is the most important meal of the day.

We start our lunch with soup, followed by the main dish, which includes potatoes, vegetables and a piece of meat. We don't often eat fish, but I do I like it. To finish the meal, we usually have dessert - a piece of cake or fruit.

Most teenagers in Belgium are open-minded, friendly and willing to communicate. They're great to have fun with.

In the future I want to work abroad. I don't quite know what kind of job I want, but the financial world seems appealing.

Belgium is the heart of Europe - that's how we promote ourselves. There are millions of things to do there.

Make sure you visit our capital, Brussels. The city centre is famous for its magnificent buildings and excellent restaurants.

Another tourist centre is Bruges, a small city in the western part of Flanders, which is full of wonderful old buildings and beautiful little parks.

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