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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 12:00am

School uniform makes life easier

I'm writing in response to the letter 'Uniform complaint' (Young Post, February 28).

The writer thinks wearing a uniform is not beneficial, but I think there are many advantages.

Firstly, I don't agree that school uniforms are expensive.

A uniform costs about HK$250.

But some casual clothes and shoes can cost thousands of dollars.

Secondly, she said school uniforms prevent us from expressing our personality.

In my opinion, school uniforms represent a school's identity.

For example, the students at our school are nicknamed 'L.K.S' because of the 'L.K.S' on our PE uniform.

The uniform is part of a school's tradition.

When we are in school, we should concentrate on our studies, not on fashion.

Finally, I disagree that wearing a uniform can make students self-conscious.

Wearing casual clothes is more likely to make students self-conscious because they compare themselves to their peers.

In my opinion, students should wear uniforms. They are convenient.

When students wake up in the morning, they don't need to worry about what to wear before going to school.

If they had to choose what to wear every day, it would take them until lunchtime to decide.

Chan Tsz-yu

Li Ka Shing College

Parents should never harm their children

There have been many stories in the news of parents hurting their children.

This can have a negative effect on children.

They will not trust people and will lose their self-confidence.

I don't understand how any parent could do this to their child.

I hope parents around the world will respect their children and love them unconditionally.

KiKi Wong

Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Falling in love doesn't matter

Many people have strong opinions about students dating. They believe that dating will distract students from their school work.

In my opinion, dating and falling in love is normal for young people.

It is an important part of growing up.

However, many parents blame academic failures on dating. I think those parents are too harsh.

If I were a parent, I would tell my children that dating is natural and healthy.

Au Yeung Pui-ki

The study problem

As my mock exams are approaching, I have a lot of school work to complete.

My family has given up a chance to visit my relatives in Taiwan.

I'm trying my best to complete my homework first and then do my revision.

I feel that I have no time for anything else apart from work.

Is this a reflection of my ability or do I need better time management skills?

Are other students experiencing the same problems? And how can we cope better?

Yeung Ho-tin

STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Alternative ways to rule the city

The process of setting up a new law takes so long that people probably think the government is inefficient.

Yet, if the law is set up without any problems, the government is suddenly viewed as worryingly efficient.

The Democratic Party seems to always criticise the government's efforts at creating new laws.

They always consider the government their enemy.

Whatever the government does, the Party opposes it. It also persuades members of the public to find problems with what the government is doing.

I don't know how the government can solve this problem. Maybe the only solution is to appoint a dictator.


Exercise helps reduce stress

Doing exercise every day is very important for everyone, especially students.

Students are under pressure most of the time.

They have to cope with piles of homework, prepare for exams, keep their parents happy and stay up to date with their friends' lives.

To reduce the pressure, a lot of students surf the internet during their leisure time.

But using computers has many side effects. For example, eyesight can be strained, and it can be difficult to sleep after looking at bright colours for too long.

There is a better way to reduce pressure.

According to research, exercise helps our bodies and brains.

It can make us sleep better, and lower our risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

I recommend students do a little exercise every day to relax and become healthier.

They can exercise before doing their homework to clear their minds.

They can also do their homework first, and then exercise.

So, starting from today, do a little exercise every day. Your life will become easier.

Eunice Fung Sze-lut

A wonderful Lunar New Year

This year, I had a great Lunar New Year holiday.

In past years, I went to visit my grandma.

But this year, I went to different places to celebrate.

On the first day of the Lunar New Year, I went to my uncle's home. My other aunts and uncles were there too.

His house is huge, and I ran around and played with my cousin.

The next day, I had a barbecue with my schoolmate in Shek O. We also went swimming and relaxed on the beach.

On the last day of my Lunar New Year holiday, I went to Central to do my Chinese history project with my group members.

Although we did not finish the project over the holiday, it was great to make some progress.

Another good thing about my Lunar New Year holiday was that I received about HK$3,000 of lai see.

I hope next year I will have a great Lunar New Year again.

Alex Chang

The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Hong Kong health

The health of Hong Kong people has been under threat recently.

Apart from Sars and bird flu, we have suffered from food poisoning scares.

Many chemicals are added to meat, seafood and vegetables.

Food producers add these chemicals to increase production and make more money.

But they never consider whether their actions will be harmful to people's health.

I hope food producers will think about the consequences of their actions.

I suggest the government introduces stricter regulations over chemicals in food.

I also hope that, one day, Hong Kong will be a healthy city and our bodies will no longer be polluted by chemicals.

Alex Chang Chun-kiu