Do you use Chinglish?

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 12:00am

Name: Lee Hiu-ching

Age: 14

Top Tunes: rock music

No, I can't accept it. It's neither Chinese nor English. We have to follow grammatical rules when using a language. We can't come up with our own expressions without regard for linguistic conventions. Influenced by their mother tongue, some students make direct translations when they speak or write English. For example, they say 'open the television' instead of 'turn on the television'. This is unacceptable.

Name: Rosa Lie

Age: 14

Top Tunes: Theresa Fu's songs

No. I usually think carefully before I speak or write English. I know that some Chinglish expressions are common among Hong Kong students. For example, they say 'Let's go and see see' instead of 'Let's go and take a look'. I find some Chinglish expressions quite funny. I think students who use Chinglish should read more English books to improve their language skills.

Name: Hazel Au

Age: 13

Top Tunes: Canto-pop songs

Yes, I sometimes use Chinglish in my writing. When I can't think of the proper way to say what I want in English, I use a direct translation from Cantonese. The use of Chinglish can be attributed to our colonial heritage. English has been widely used by Hong Kong people, but our Chinese roots mean we cannot abandon our mother tongue. After being exposed to the two languages for a long time, it's natural for some people to mix them up a little.

Name: Pinky Tong

Age: 14

Top Tunes: Ella Shue's songs

No, I don't use Chinglish, as it doesn't observe grammatical rules. I think about how a sentence should be constructed before I speak and write English. If I have any doubt, I ask my teachers for help or look up information in books. Most students in my school are careful with English grammar, so Chinglish is seldom used on campus.

Name: Cherry Yung

Age: 13

Top Tunes: W-inds' songs

No, although I used it in primary school. I've realised that Chinglish is wrong, so I no longer use it. If I use Chinglish in my writing, my teacher points them out and asks me to correct them. Although some students use Chinglish, I don't think the problem is serious. Most of them pay attention to English grammar when they write.