Campus Cool

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 March, 2007, 12:00am

After years in a school uniform, dressing to look cool on campus can be a challenge. Here are Jenny's top tips

Name: Jenny Keung Po-chun

Age: 22

Keung designs women's sweaters. She won the Moiselle Prize for Best Silhouette and the Photographer's Prize for the Most Outstanding Collection in this year's Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers' Contest organised by the Trade Development Council.

What are the fashion trends this summer?

Nautical chic - sailor style - is back. To create a relaxed look, go for pastel stripes, such as pink with beige, or royal blue with white.

You can pair striped tees with a pair of comfy faded jeans and high heels or sneakers.

Horizontal stripes make people look wider. To avoid this, wear a long cardigan on top.

For boys, go for the classic campus look. Cardigans are a big hit. To avoid looking too formal, pair a light-weight knitted cardigan with straight-legged jeans and Converse sneakers.

Big carry-all bags are still hot.

And you can't go wrong with huge, retro sunglasses. Check out Island Beverly in Causeway Bay or the Ladies' Market in Mong Kok.

Where do you shop if you're on a budget?

Fa Yuen Street in Mong Kok and Allied Plaza in Prince Edward.

You can find colourful vests and cardigans which are great for summer. Mix and match until you figure out your favourite combinations.

What are the hot colours for summer?

Vibrant colours are all the rage. Create your outfit from blocks of colours. Make sure the colours complement your skin tone. If you have tanned skin, avoid red or orange shades. Fair skin looks great in purple or red.

Even if you're into darker shades, don't always wear black. There are many alternatives, such as dark green and grey.


Put your winter clothes into compressed storage bags. They save a lot of space.


Don't be convinced by sales people. Learn to trust your own judgment.

If you are chubby, avoid oversized clothes and baggy jeans because they will make you look bigger.