Fashion ... and then some

PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 March, 2007, 12:00am

Galaxy of film and TV (that's television, folks) characters tipped to be the popular costume trends at the stadium

A bevy of Borats, a bunch of Bonds or a Hong Kong take on Little Britain? The madcap Kazakh journalist, the licensed-to-kill super spy and the motley crew of British eccentrics are just some of the favourite suspects when it comes to forecasting which costume themes will be the fashion kings at the stadium this weekend.

Dress-up stalwarts spare no time - or money - in getting great outfits together. Everyone wants Andy Warhol's '15 minutes of fame'.

'Outfit envy' is all part of the game, and many a man and woman has coveted another's natty threads on this big weekend for extroverts to strut their stuff, especially in the South Stand.

We canvassed some of the costume regulars and crowd-watchers from previous years for their predictions of the top themes.

'My vote is for the guy who voted for Pedro in the comedy Napoleon Dynamite. There will be a sea of bad, blond curly wigs, geeky glasses and a whole tribe of Napoleon and Pedro lookalikes. Steak throwing is optional.'

Amber Creswell,

advertising copywriter

'James Bond is the big prediction from me this year. It could be a classy Sevens, very formal. Rumour has it that the bars in the South Stand will be selling 'Vespers' - the gin/vodka mix martini from Casino Royale - in anticipation of a slew of Daniel Craig wannabes. How many ageing beer-bellied louts (like me!) will be there in their swish tuxedoes we wonder, looking as unlike 'six-pack' Craig as possible while still doing the 'Bond, James Bond' tribute and sipping Heineken from enormous cocktail glasses? No doubt the trusty old electric heart-starter will be running hot by Sunday. Bond. It all sounds brilliant, now I think about it!'

Phil Ramm, radiographer,

flying in from Singapore

'I can think of quite a few possibles. Borat complete with ill-fitting grey suit and dodgy Central Asian accent. It really needs the moustache and fuzzy wig, too, or you may end up looking like any mainland tourist.

'Nacho Libre, the Mexican masked wrestler from the comedy starring Jack Black. The leotard could bring back memories of a good mate who went dressed as Little Britain's 'The Only Gay in the South Stand' a couple of years back.

'Better hope the weather warms up or the contents of the tight leotard may not impress the girls.

'Little Britain itself still has legs and could be a team affair covering all the key characters. I can just picture Marjorie Dawes spreading the Fatfighters message to the masses surrounding the fast food outlets. Which latrines would 'I'm a lady' use? And would Lou and Andy secure wheelchair access to the South Stand?'

Robert Duncan,

insurance specialist

'The legend of Robin Hood has enjoyed a huge renaissance this year in the UK as the subject of two major television series. Knowing the fans like to keep a finger on the pulse with their dress sense, they wouldn't go far wrong by donning feathered caps, Lincoln green tunics and tights. After all, you need look no further than Hong Kong during the Sevens for a shed load of Merry Men. By the way, I looked up the word 'Merry' in the dictionary and the first definition was 'gay'. With all that male bonding going on, what a happy coincidence. So the camper, the better.'

Rod Woodward, comedian

and guest at last year's HKRFU Long Lunch