PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 March, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 March, 2007, 12:00am

Beijing or bust

The Hong Kong-Beijing Classic Car Rally left Hung Hom after 'some licence/money matter' cropped up on the eve of its scheduled Sunday start, and postponed the nine-classics' 13-day trip to the capital for a couple of days.

One participant said the delay 'was a surprise to all of us', but all teams 'voted to go on, to assist the organiser and to solve the problem'.

The Hong Kong Automobile Association seems to have literally got the show back on the road, however, in reorganising the 3,714km tour's drive schedule and arranging mechanical backup and repairs for James Taylor's 1941 Buick.

Driving force

Subaru dealers Motor Image (HK) has launched the 2007 Legacy 2.0 GT Sedan (HK$289,000) and the 2.0 GT Wagon (HK$299,000). Both models have horizontally opposed, four-cylinder, 16-valve engines and SI-Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive), a driving enhancement system for various road conditions. 'Intelligent' is for smooth, economical city driving; 'sport', is 'faithful to the driver's acceleration and designed to reflect a precise degree of pedal depression', and 'sport sharp' apparently 'elevates the sporty driving experience, even on rugged and winding roads'.

Plugging the fug

The new Nissan Serena van has the largest cabin in its class, with versatile seating and 'excellent fuel economy and performance', says Chan Wai-to of Nissan dealers Honest Motors.

The Serena lets you convert 'a full car of passengers to a full load of luggage 'in 11 different modes with easily moveable seats', the dealership says.

Its 137-brake horsepowered, two-litre MR20DE engine and continuously variable transmission achieved 13.2km per litre, and was certified as a Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle in Japan as it emits 75 per cent fewer exhaust emissions than the nation's 2005 rules allow.

Its CO2 fug factor of 176g/km (gpk) is impressive for a van. The Serena's first registration tax and sticker price also falls by HK$20,000, to HK$218,000 tomorrow, when the Environmental Protection Department's Tax Incentives Scheme for Environment-friendly Petrol Private Cars comes into effect.

The department's website ( says 'a 30 per cent reduction in the FRT will be offered to buyers of newly registered environment-friendly petrol private cars, subject to a cap of HK$50,000 per car'. Its approved list is:

Binz E350 Facelift Binz XL (gpk unknown)

BMW 120i Manual Hatchback (181gpk)

Honda Jazz Hatchback (96.8gpk)

Honda Step WGN 2.0 (202gpk)

Lexus RX 400h (192gpk)

Mazda 8 5DR Wagon 2.3 (190gpk)

Mini Mini Cooper Manual (163gpk)

Nissan Serena 2.0L MPV LUX (176gpk)

Subaru R2 R FF i-CVT (108gpk)

Toyota Prius (104gpk)

Volkswagen Phaeton 3.2L V6 (293gpk)

We've added CO2 gpk readings to each, and note that the Nissan Tiida (126gpk), Peugeot 107 (109gpk) and Smart ForTwo (127gpk) aren't EPD approved. The department is helping us learn why. Boffins and Greenies, tell us your views.