Have you ever played an April Fool's trick?

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 01 April, 2007, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 01 April, 2007, 12:00am

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Mitch Abernethy, 15

I've played many April Fools' tricks in my 15 years. I have to admit that almost all were quite tame, and required the mental power and cunning of a concrete block. Once, though, I tricked my brother into going to school on a Saturday. I typed up a short letter the night before saying that all the students from his primary school had to go to a special April 1 parade in full uniform. Surprisingly, he fell for it.

Arusha Khan, 17

No, but I have been the victim of many. I have an extremely mischievous younger brother who goes out of his way to fool me every year on April 1. Last year, I came home from school to find him tearing up a handwritten essay of mine. I went crazy, threatening to tear his hair out. I later realised it was a photocopy. I have vowed to exact my revenge this year. Somehow.

Victoria Lam, 17

Yes. Last April Fool's Day we tricked our English teacher by putting a mixture of congee and egg on a cling-wrapped desk, and pretended that someone had been sick. The teacher became worried and was shocked when when we started scooping up the 'vomit' with our spoons. We then all burst into laughter and she quickly realised it was April Fool's Day and laughed with us.

Micah Sandt, 17

Unfortunately, I have often been the victim of April Fool's jokes. I did try one year to play an April Fool's trick, but I made the big mistake of playing it on my teacher. I told him, 'I've finished my homework ... April Fools!' He responded by saying, 'Well, that's a lunchtime detention for you then.' I stood there waiting for him to finish his sentence with 'April Fools!', but those two words never passed his lips.

Bianca Brown, 14

April Fool's Day 2003 was particularly successful. My grandmother and I bought a revolting, razor-chopped, short brown wig, one of those awful, synthetic ones that really irritate your head. Once home, I raced to the bathroom to put it on, avoiding my grandfather catching sight of me. You should have seen his face when he saw the new me! 'What have you done to her?' he gasped. My grandmother and I burst out laughing.

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